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    How unrealistic are your thoughts?

    No, I am not going to describe some unrealistic thoughts of mine. I will also not brand you as an unrealistic person if many of your thoughts seem unrealistic. Rather, I would encourage you. The thought of encouraging unrealistic thinking may seem very unrealistic to many of you but I would ask you to give it a proper thought. Some of you might be reading this thread from your smart gadget having a 4G net connectivity and you may also have cursed yourself for not being more realistic during your student life but tell me one thing, do these modern gadgets and internet connectivity appeared very realistic in the minds of people 50 years ago? Most of them never cared to think of such things but a few thought of it in that way and that's why we all are using such devices at present. As long as some unrealistic things are not turned into reality they remain unrealistic. So, try to turn your unrealistic thoughts into reality. Actually, that's how we have progressed so far.
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    Our thoughts need not be realistic on every matter. It may be funny funny for while, it may be seeking thoughts for a while or it may be a demanding thoughts for a while. But getting a realistic thoughts needs good experience and the ability to gauge the good happening before hand. That means we should be well informed and well planned to achieve the target and dreaming about that kind of thoughts may be realistic for the few. Actually our mind is wavering and we keep shifting from one thoughts to the other depending on the need and reactions thereof. So the thoughts cannot be definite and similar to all. For the child to the elders the thoughts vary according to their age and maturity and over the course of time how to imagine a good thought trait is also developed within and that indicates the real thought beginning in our lives.
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    Human mind is a complex thinking machine. We will have all sort of thoughts in our mind. It could be realistic or unrealistic, attainable or unattainable or viable or not viable and so on but we cannot get rid of these myriad of thoughts coming in our mind now and then. These are the seeds for action to be taken at a later time. They are the basic steps through which one day we may reach the aim as envisaged in those thoughts. So having these thoughts has a silver line also at their edges where we can see some hope and feeling of sunrise in the future. Even the most bizarre thoughts may prove their merit in due course of time.
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    The author has posted an interesting thread and given a good message through his thread that we can turn unrealistic ideas into reality. For this, we should keep our thinking big and leave our thoughts free, however unrealistic the idea maybe, but if that idea has come to our mind then we can definitely make it real. I had read a book a long time ago which was called "Secret". Many of you may have read that book because it is a very famous book. It was read that when any idea is originating in our mind, it means that it already exists in the Universe and hence it can be fulfilled. If we are also creating a positive unrealistic image of ourselves in our mind then it is definitely possible to be there but for that, you need to put the right efforts in the right direction. But If we are having unrealistic thoughts and at the same time we are not confident or not believing in them then there would be no chance to convert them into reality.

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    H.G.Wells wrote an interesting article "Footprints without feet". You might have read it. It was based on conjecture that a man may disappear and invisible for people. Nobody is able to see him. Such ideas are quite amazing. Several movies have been produced on this topic- like Mr India, The hollow man etc.
    I also think unrealistic thing which may ever materliase, I doubt. like.
    May it ever be possible that a human body is transmitted to remote places as a fax machine can transmit document to remote destination.
    Such ideas come in our mind when we have no work to do and we are talking with our friends on this hilarious topic then each of us may use his brain to invent new and unprecedented ideas. Einstein has given us an idea of time travel. However, scientists are still confused about this theory. Can we travel in past or can we go in future .Some scientist opine that we can travel in future but big question is- when it may happen. several serials and movies have been made on this topic.
    I appreciate the author for raising this unique topic for discussion.

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    As per the Psychology of human thoughts, they are more and less like dream sequences where there is no control on them and they are generated spontaneously even if they do not have any logic behind them. Thinking, dreaming, and conjecturing etc, all are attributed to that category. These things will always be going on in the back of our mind and will be taken in cognisance only when they get related to real life situations. Eminent psychologists have propounded various theories on it and they say that many times people unknowingly act what was deeply present in their mind during the thought processes and it erupts out unconsciously at times in our lives, surprising the person himself.
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    Unrealistic thoughts are unrealistic only till they become real. Some thoughts may become real and some may not. All depends on how we pursue our thoughts. When I think of eating a good sweet, you have to make attempts to buy borrow, make or steal the item you want to eat. But simply sitting and thinking may not help you in realising your thoughts.
    Certain things appear funny when we think. But we may not be surprised to see that our thoughts have become realistic. If that is not happenings we might not have seen this much progress on this mother earth.

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