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    Should moral-policing by right wing activists be allowed on the Valentine's Day?

    As we all know, tomorrow, 14th Feb, is celebrated around the world as Valentine's Day. Every year we get to see or hear about a confrontation between youth and some right-wing organisations on this day. Many times youths, especially young couples, are severely abused and many times they are beaten up.

    I have two thoughts about this topic. Firstly, love plays a vital role in connecting people with each other and love is essential for any relationship whether it is parents, brothers-sisters or friends, or anyone else. In such a situation, love is not made for one day alone. If we want to share our love with our loved ones, then every day is a valentine's day and it should be so. Sharing of love should not be limited to any particular day.

    Secondly, if on such a day, we want to make someone feel special, then why there is this cultural or political interference? Every year, the right-wing activists and a few political extremists go out with poles and rods on this day to search for the couples celebrating the day and insult them in front of everyone. This is completely wrong, everyone has the right to live life according to their own wish. When the family has no problem then why do the parties have to be concerned?

    Another question I have is that when these teams of parties run around on 14th Feb and find such a couple and dictate terms to them, then why they are not seen when girls or women are molested on the roads or each street on normal days?

    After all, our's is a free country and every individual has the right to live his own life, subject to social etiquettes, of course. Why should some groups who claim to be the guardians of our tradition and culture be allowed to force their views and thoughts on us? Members, what do you think about this matter?

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    I don't understand why we love to follow western culture. It looks me weird. I have never taken any interest in Valentine day. Personally l dislike such occasions. There are no acceptable reasons to celebrate these types of festivals. Yes, Valentine day is celebrated like a festival by young couples. On this day you may propose anybody for friendship or live in. It is the best day for debauchees. They do what they wish with their partners with mutual consultation or agreement for a day or for a longer period. They come in touch physically and emotionally as well.
    As the author has written about some right wing groups which hunt such couples who are enjoying this day with their free will but these people disturb them, beat them and drive them away. They use force like law enforcement agencies and no police stop these contractors or protectors of Indian culture. I don't understand who give them so much power to beat young couples. Why there is no law and order on this day to stop them. If they are really worried they should talk to young couples not to do it in a decent way.

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    The author has mentioned a term right-wing organization. The right-wing politics is supposed to give credence to things which are natural or justified. Celebrating the love between couples is absolutely natural, though I would say celebrate it on a special day like Valentine's Day has something more to do with marketing/advertising the term in a big way. Like any other feelings, love has so much emotion attached to it and companies are using this opportunity to market their products on this occasion. In a democratic country, nobody has the right to disturb others unless they are indulging in criminal or anti-social activities. There is no such thing as western or eastern culture and every culture and tradition all over the world is influenced by one another. I am not going to brand anything as western or purely Indian but would say such activists engaged in moral-policing has the tacit support of the political parties because they are never punished for their actions. If they are not punished they will continue to harass others in the name of protecting the culture and tradition.

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    When we are in the system then the rule of the land must be followed. Valentine day is not our culture and we have imported the same for the sake of love and pleasure and in the guise of personal enjoyment the youth are diverting from the normal practice of living and arranged marriage and going for their wish and personal pleasures to which even the parents are against. Therefore moral policing from the right wing people are going to happen as the police are not taking action and they are silent on the matter. There needs to be discipline in life.
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    As Indians and the so-called democratic country, I would like to give my point of you with support with the questions raised by the writer. Yes, we can say that Valentine's day is not our culture and coping with the west is not good. Can we ask that who are they to decide what to copy and whatnot? When we have our Indians following or chanting mantras on foreign soil, we feel good and proud but when they do, it is against our culture or customs or tradition. Can I ask that, are they forcing anyone to follow, No! The things that we like, we follow and the things that we don't, we ignore or refuse.

    There are many days that we follow everywhere in the world and celebrating a day for love will not make us their followers. Yes, we should keep our decency and customs when we are in public and should not hurt the feeling or sentiments of others. If we can celebrate birthdays, fathers/mothers day, Human right day, labours day, Teachers/children day, etc, why not Valentine's day. When we focus more on it, we feel oddness in it otherwise, it's just like another day.

    When the moral policing can be done on Valentine's day, why don't they do the same when there are rapes, molestation, or any other incidents that deteriorate our customs, traditions, culture and make a mockery of our country in the whole world through media. Why don't they come forward and protect or stand for the right or justice of the victim. Is just to show their power or to be on the media. By doing it on a single day save our customs, traditions, culture? This is what we need to understand than just the dual colour of such people/group.

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    There are many functions and celebrations which we copy from others. In our culture there was no cake cutting and no candle lighting but we do it in the birth day celebrations in our houses. We have adopted so many things from the western culture and communities. I do not think that there is any escaping from that now. As regards the opposing and offending the loving couples or stopping them to express their love in public is correct only to the extent that is forbidden by our law and society. Doing any offence beyond that is not justifiable. Making it a political issue is still a bigger and grave error. Young age is to enjoy life within the social boundaries and there is nothing wrong in it. What is wrong is to offend and to beat the couples publicly. Are we observing the things mentioned in our culture? The answer is a big no. It means we are not able to convince our new generation and that is why they are taking up the ways of other cultures especially the western one.
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    And for every valentine day this kind of discussions and debates takes place in media and in this forum also but who is caring for our views and suggestions and those who are following the same are not worried.
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    My question is - While there are 365/366 days in a year, why do we choose a particular day as lovers day or valentine's day and celebrate it outside our home. It becomes a nuisance day for others. Let our love remain at home. Let us love silently. Let our love be not published or advertised. I am not in favour of lovers day celebrated in the pubs, bars and restaurants. Love the people you love 365 days, not on a particular day. We have our own culture and tradition to follow. Love is holy. Let us not make it unholy.
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    What is wrong when young people for that matter anyone celebrates Valentine's day? The author mentioned right-wing activists and one response mentioned that right-wing politics are supposed to give credence to things that are natural or justified. What I feel is that they give credence to things that they feel natural or justified.
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