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    Welcome to Class after being affected by COVID-19 with a long Gap.

    All the School reopen from 12th February, 2021 for the Students of Class 9th to 12th after a long gap due to covid -19 Pandemic situation. Proper sanitization rules must be strictly followed. Generally all student are quite happy for this decision of the education board. Now is this decision is good. Is there any fear of further spreads of the diseases. Please offer your comments.
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    In our state on 15th of this month from 6th to 12th classes are going to be resumed. Some students are happy but some students are worried about going to schools. Now, the school administration has a great responsibility for students. Initially, all precautionary measures must be taken care of. Sanitization should be followed and mask should necessarily be used by all students. I hope that school administrators will take care of.

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    If I would have been the student, surely get thrilled by this news that the schools are slated to open for one big reason that the old class mates and friends would be meeting again, we will be visiting our schools, exchanging pleasantries with the teachers and principals and the eagerness to see our class room and the activities thereof which are missing since many months would resume again and that would add pep to the thought process. Surely many students would love to have schools on.
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    During the last 2-3 days some more new cases of the Covid-19 are reported from different parts of the country. Though there is nothing to worry about it but we do not know whether the virus is trying to re-emerge in some pockets especially after more liberty is being given like opening of schools and opening of local train and metro services. We all should understand that this virus is very powerful and able to mutate quickly and can spread in favourable conditions in a fast pace. I do not know how much aware and prepared our young students are who have to go to school or college and remain in others company for the whole day. In any case it is time to remain alert and take the precautions as much as possible and that is the only way that we can hope this virus to taper down significantly in coming times. Parents have to monitor the students very precisely.
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    Please check out this thread also before posting your responses here. Do note that posting quality responses adds value to a thread and makes an interesting read.
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    In general, there is a decrease in the severity of the virus. But we can't say it is completely out. So precautions are very much needed. If the people are matured enough to understand the need for precautions to be taken there is no worry. But the students are still not matured enough and they may not be able to understand the problem correctly.
    Even for the teachers, it is a hectic task to control the students. It all depends on the teachers and how they maintain the class. I think a close watch by the parents is also very much required.
    If the students are originally weak, it is better to give them some medicines for immunity development so that things will go in the right direction. If still, we want to play safe the best thing is to send them to the school only after vaccination to the student.

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    The corona virus appears to be contained but it may be a temporary respite only as we are hearing about new cases of this infection. It means that now the students and teachers in the school have to be very careful in this matter and all the stipulated safety measures and precautions are to be taken with utmost care. People cannot take any laxity in this important matter.
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    Now, on first March all primary schools will also be opened in our state. I can't say if small children may be controlled in the right manner. However, the decision of the government is to be followed by all schools.
    Especially, the management of small-level schools seems to be happy with this news because they have no income for their schools. When students had not come to schools they did not pay school fee also.
    It will be a big responsibility for teachers to take care of students.

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