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    Your childhood game that children still play around you.

    All of us have gone through one stage of childhood at a point, meaning that no matter what area we live in, what is our family background, what is our education, or anything, but childhood is all the same, especially in the case of some games. Such games, when we also see children playing around us or at home, we remember our childhood. When I was younger, I and all my siblings used to play many games at home. Of which I loved, the king-minister-thief-soldier game, in this game, we made 4 pieces of paper, wrote them into the papers, and then start to play the game and the number was written in a notebook. I do not know how many of you know about this game. But presently my nephews and nieces still play this game, seeing them, sometimes they offer me, and I also start playing with them. By doing this I remember my childhood.

    Did you also have a favorite game that you still find, children, playing around you or your home? If it is, then you should also be a part of that childhood favorite game, doing so, you will find a different enjoyable experience.
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    When we were the children the activities were totally outside and on the ground as we were having lots of time to play and less hours for studies. Our school ground as big and lots of classmates used to mingle and play and thus some games like Cricket, Kabbadi, Gilli Dhanda are the outside games and we used to play snake and ladder and also carroms indoor. Since there were no television or cartoon channels disturbance, we are getting full time for rural games and state games too and that was really enjoyable time. Surely we are missing out those golden times when play was full studies was less.
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    Yes, I have seen many games that children now still play. One such game is hopscotch. I thought not ma y play it but was amused to see kids in our apartment playing it. Also playing a game called sets, were a set of 4 item written on the paper should be made or game like name, place animal things etc are still played by kids now. It's really nice to watch or sometimes even play with them.

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    Hide and seek is one of the game which we used to play in the childhood and see kids playing it now a days also.

    But now a days I see kids have no interest in such games they are more keen to play games on mobiles.

    I remember we used to play ludo,chess, carrom alot but rarely see kids playing them , yes they do play these online. Even cricket too kids play online.

    I have always wished to play lawn tennis as a kid but never got an opportunity but now a days I am fulfilling my wish by playing it online.


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    Small kids play their own games nowadays. Children like to play cricket or video games. Our childhood games are hardly played now a days. However, some of the boys are often seen playing gilli danda, marbles. We would climb upon trees and jump from branches of the trees.
    In my childhood I would see girls playing with pebbles and aome games like police-thief, up and down, blindman's bluff. During spring season they would enjoy swinging swings because many homes had trees but now, hardly, a tree still exist in any courtyard.

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