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    Our fear would stop us learning more better

    If we want to learn new things, there should be interest and eagerness to know many things. Some may want to learn new things but does not have the guts to initiate may be due to the fear factor. Some might have satisfied with what they learned with a thinking that further learning is not required for their life and job. For this reason many elders are not aware of cell phone operations so far and when questioned they plead innocence by saying that at this age modern gadgets learning would be bothersome and disturbance to their free life.
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    Gaining knowledge and learning new things is a life long process. It keeps going until someone exists on this planet. I don't think someone will stop learning because of fear. If someone has interest in learning something new, he can but if he is not interested in learning any new skills or having knowledge about something, nobody can get him learnt.

    But.. Yes, the author is right that in a specific situation fear may be a reason which stops a person from learning something. E.g. driving, adventurous games which expose to any danger.

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    The fear of failure on first attempt would shy away from learning new things.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Normally there are two main reasons for acquiring knowledge. First is to make a career by doing well in academics and gaining the appropriate knowledge for attaining this objective. Second is gaining additional skills for a flourishing career, material gain, and fame. Apart from these two factors there is a third factor which is not very common and we find it rarely in people and that is to gain knowledge for its own sake and satisfaction that one derives from it. This third reason though not common, is required, if one wants to learn a new thing without attaching it to the material gain or fame. I have seen some senior citizens in the age group of 85 to 90 years who are dextrously handling a smartphone.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Agree with the author. It is very important to always learn something new in life, by this we develop ourselves and the people around us, but it is also true that many people retreat into learning new things due to their fear. Why be afraid to learn something? New learning tells us that we are human beings who can learn whatever they want, only the mind should have faith and dedication for itself. There are many examples in our society who have shown much such charisma or miracles from which we understand that learning depends neither on age nor on gender differences. When a person gets victory on his/her fear for learning, then only it understands how important learning is for the life.

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    Gaining additional knowledge is a continuous process and only thing required is interest in learning. My mother is 81 years. But she operates her smartphone very nicely. She has a Facebook account. Majority of her time goes on her phone only. My father is 88 years. He wrote Sundaraakaanda of Ramayanam in 2000 poems. He completed this task in just 3 months. He read Sanskrit Slokas written by Valmiki and then wrote poems in Telugu. All depends on the interest of the individual. When you want a good career growth you should learn the subject.
    If we feel that we can't learn, we can't learn. So start anything with a positive note. That will give you sucess.

    always confident

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