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    Regional language songs lyrics have over dose of English words

    In the golden olden days the songs of regional languages especially the four South Indian languages were well written and presented and pure lyrics were brought in the importance of that particular regional language. But the new songs from Telugu, Tamil and other languages are having over dose of English mixed lyrics which may be used for the rhythm purpose but the very essence of the language used has been defeated there by demeaning the regional feelings. Why the lyric writers wants to bring English words? Are they failed to write in own language ?
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    This is another interesting observation by the author and I would say that we have become too crazy for the English language. Earlier the songs had a beautiful lyric and it was not the music only which attracted the listener but the lyrics also that it had. I realised this much when I listened to an English tune in which a Hindi song was fitted and I did not like that song though I enjoyed the English tune so much. What happened was simply the mismatch where the lyrics were not in sync with the music. Today same thing is happening. As there is a craze in the people for English language and using English worlds in conversation and there is nothing wrong in it as English is now an international language and not only the language of the Britishers who ruled us, but using the irrelevant words of English by twisting them in a metamorphic way seems to be a very ugly practice. Does it make the songs more popular in the young generation? Very surprising and amusing are the ways of these composers.
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    It is true that English is used in regional language lyrics but it is just to keep up with the trend. As we notice that many youngsters do listen to new songs, the producers of the film would like to make the youth watch or like the song and in that matter, they do ask the lyric writers or the music composers to add a bit of combine English words without changing the meaning of the song. There are even songs that are just made for dance like the so-called 'item song' where the lyrics are not the heart but the beat and choreography. As the demand rises, they have to do such modifications and yet we can say that we do have some good songs like the yesteryears that are hit and caught the heart of people. We cannot compare the old and the new but we can say that they are keeping the current trend in mind and doing it.
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    Now many English words have become Telugu words only. Maybe the same with other southern languages. When we speak with other people also many English words will be used as a part of the language.
    Now that has gone extended up to the Cinema songs also. There are many reasons for that. The main reason is ease for writing by the writer. He need not search for words. Another reason is the rhythm. To get the required rhythm they may be using those words. More than all the points they will be more catchy to young people so that they feel excited to sing those songs.
    Nobody bothers about the language and its importance. These days songs more towards music and no importance for words and their pronunciation. That is what the great singer SP Balu used to mention in many of the musical functions and he used to advise the upcoming singers to concentrate on the language and pronunciation.

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    Is that mean the lyric writers lost their thoughts.
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    The literary language writers are missing now. The old lyric writers had vast knowledge of their language and they could handle it well without any mixture of other languages. However, adding English words also sounds good with the music. I used to enjoy theTamil song " Urvashi..Urvashi..Take it easy policy." from film Gentlemen (Written by Vairamuthu and music composed by AR Rahman)
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