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    Mood of the day decide the fate of passing out entrance exam

    I came across an interesting observation from a candidate who wrote the GATE exam yesterday and his preparation was good since many months to face the D date. But after completion of exam when I asked him how was the paper and how much he would score, he gave the reply we stunned me. That mood of the day matters very much no matter how well we prepare for the great entrance test which may change our life of the career. I think he made the big revelation which the candidates of future need to take into consideration.
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    If our mind is disturbed and we are having some worries and apprehensions then our efficiencies generally decline much and our performance is affected. Probably this could be the reason in this case otherwise a good student will normally perform well.
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    And on seeing the crowded students at the exam center also discourage the performance.
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    A very interesting observation made by the author. Our mood is a reflection of many things. Let me elaborate that some of them are or related to our preparation for exam, our health, our apprehensions, our worry for career, our desire for scoring high, fear of facing the parents or friends if we do not fare well, and many such other thoughts in our mind just before entering the examination centre. What the candidate will perform in the examination would be the sum total of all those attributes hovering over him and teasing him till the examination is over. So, mood is also a factor which affects our day and many people proclaim at the end of the day that the mood was bad since the morning itself and they had the day happenings same as what they thought would be. It is said that coming events cast their shadows before and that holds very true in such cases.
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    It is not the mood. How a mood can go off for an aspirant of success who is going to attempt. If his mood is not good, he should enjoy his mood instead if going to appear at the examinations. I think it's the preparation and self-confidence which creates a positive or negative impact on his examinations.

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    I don't think the mood can decide the fate of the result. If a person is well prepared and confident, no matter what the situation is, he can answer well. I feel, people just make as excuse by relating to mood or situation if things don't go as planned. I very well remember a situation were one of my neighbors was going to give her entrance exam but she met with a very bad accident. She was taken to a hospital and had to have stitches on her lips, legs and her head was bandaged. But after getting her treatment done, she directly went to given exam and then came home and started resting. She was very intelligent had even got a very good result. If mood had to decide then she wouldn't have passed with good result or would have been able to give exam itself.

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    The mood is, as we all know, unpredictable. It can change anytime for any reason. So, if someone who attends an exam and says that he could not do well because he was not in a good mood means that he is sure that he won't clear the barrier. As has been said in a few of the above responses, a student who prepares for an exam and does so with the sole aim of passing the exam will not let go of his chance to do well irrespective of his mood. If the mood was to decide the performance and results, it would be a demotivating factor for any aspirant because however well he prepares, if his mood is not good on the day of the exam, he will not be able to do well. So, the mood should not be and will not be a deciding factor for an aspirant who is determined to do well.

    As usual, the thread is basically an isolated incident or more probably, as stated by Sushma, the bad mood is just an excuse from the candidate, whom the author met, for his dismal performance.

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    I think that to keep the mood also in control is the responsibility of the candidate. One should keep priorities in his mood. His concentration should be on his main objective for the day. Sometimes certain things may happen. We should not get into that angle and forget the main issue. After completing the main issue, you can think about other issues.
    Sometimes certain things may happen which may not allow us to concentrate on the test. But that may be very isolated and it need not be considered as a reason for our failure. As mentioned by others it is a defensive argument to hide the actual reason for your below the level performance.

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    How well we do things depend on our actions but if mood comes into play in between then I would say it is because of some depressive thoughts. When somebody is focused on a goal the focus should be there till the goal is reached. Many of us do not concentrate enough on our tasks whether it is the studies, examinations or a task at hand. When there is a lot of distraction many things come in between while doing the task which can hamper our activities. The author has said in a response @#723219 that a large number of students at the exam centre can also discourage the examinee which I fail to understand. Does an examinee expect a handful of competitors in a competitive exam? If certain disturbing incidents happen on the day of the examination it can affect the performance of the examinee but the performance cannot be related to one's mood. If the examinee faces frequent mood swings on the day of some important tasks then I would say he needs to consult a health professional, possibly a mental health professional, to find out a reason behind such frequent mood swings.

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    Members may contradict but the fact is that we are governed by the mood of the day at the time of writing the exam.
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    Mohan, would it be possible to keep aside your assignments and sit idle in your office saying that your mood is not good? I don't think it would be possible to allow your mood to rule you if you want to do the work you are supposed to do and that includes writing an examination or appearing for an interview too.

    And it won't suffice just by reiterating your stand that one is governed by the mood of the day at the time of writing an exam. Substantiate your argument with convincing points because the majority of the responses here do not agree with what you say.

    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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    Sir working at office and writing an exam is two different way of approach.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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