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    Defying our own principles in life

    Those who are wise and very guarded in their moves are always good followers of their own principles of life and they would not deviate their own set rules for one cause or others demand. Sometimes we envy them for having following such rigid terms of their own life. But how far we are compromising and let losing or even defying our own principles is the matter for discussions here. Are we commanded by others to disregard our own principles or are we taking our own rules of life light and not concerned. Please react on this post.
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    Some people have some strong beliefs and convictions in their lives and they would not budge an inch from them and seem to be very rigid and stubborn to others. It is not easy to stick to some principles in ones life as life is ever changing and one has to review the changing situation and recalculate ones moves and actions accordingly. So it is matter of concern if someone is too rigid with ones ideology and cannot compromise with anything else however logical or rational that might be. It is good to follow certain basic principles in ones life but adhering to them without understanding the situation is also not a prudent thing.
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    The author is right. It happens with us- with others. Some people are strict to their principles and they themselves set these principles. They don't compromise with their principles easily. These people are known for following their principles to other his knowing people. But in some situations, they become a thorn in the eyes of other people because of their principles. It happens when they are pressurised by other haughty people to let forget their principals in a specific situation or matter, in which these haughty people find their gains but their principles deprive them of these expected gains. In this situation, they find themselves at a crossroad where abiding by their own principles becomes too difficult for them. These haughty people will create problems for them in future if they don't yield to this pressure.
    I respect these disciplined people and I have full sympathy with them if they are found in any dilemma.

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    Every person has certain principles in his life and should also do so, but how much a person can follow them is a bit difficult. In my house, both my father and grandfather are very principled and under any circumstances, they do not give up their principles. And they also teach children that there should be some principles in life. But the problem comes when something happens when people do not give much importance to the principles of the teenagers and the women of the house especially and they are expected to be flexible according to their time and situation, And it really happens that we are forced to leave our principles because perhaps we are still considered children. I do not know how appropriate it is to be a radical, but in my experience, I got to understand that whoever is older, perhaps the greater the value of that principle and not the younger. But should it be so? The principle is the principle whether it is for the younger or older, then there should be no discrimination on principles as per age group.

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    Defying own principle is the bad trait.
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    One should not defy his own principles. When you are not following the principles why to make them. All depends on the attitude of the individual. Some people make some decisions and say that they will never deviate from thos points. But under some weak moments, they themselves will forget the decisions took by them and go in the wrong direction.
    I know a person who used to say that we should respect our life partner. But the same person never used to follow the same in their house. That what is the use of such decisions and principles. Principles are not only for advising. They should be followed also always. Then only the person will be respected in society.

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