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    Taking extra efforts to stay relevant

    There is absolutely no choice for young professionals. Even those who are in manufacturing need totally different skill-sets. For example, there are applications related to machine learning and artificial intelligence.

    The young professionals need to acquire such skill-sets. Even if the organization does not skill them, they need to acquire these qualifications on a part-time basis or online learning, both modes of learning now increasingly available in most metro cities. It obviously goes without saying that those who acquire such skill-sets will stand a far better chance of making themselves indispensable.

    We just need to run where we are and there is no other alternative. Emerging fields like supply chain management have massive potential for employment in the managerial cadre. Even those in marketing need to acquire such skills.
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    These are the days of competition. Getting a job is one point and surviving in the role is the second issue. One should take care of both points. Of course, once we get a job we are half relaxed. But that relaxation should be for a small period only. Once that is over you should understand the requirements of the role and accordingly you have to assess your capabilities. If you feel somewhere additional strengths are required, make a road map to acquire those skills.
    Even if you are finding it difficult to get a job also, you should assess your performance where you have to amend your style and get the required skills which are in demand so that your chances will improve to procure a job. So learning is a necessity continuously and we should get updated from time to time. Then only you will be treated as relevant to the job and will have a good scope for progress.

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    Now a days the just qualification does not get the managerial jobs and those who are adding additional qualifications and skills are getting better chance to excel than others. In fact some companies are coming forward to educate the present employees and absolving them into the managerial cadres. Some professional employees in some companies are being compared and ranked to have competition within the themselves and thus managers get appointed from internal sources. This is happening in Tata groups.
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    Due to fast changes and developments in the technologies and the products being introduced by the companies in an unprecedented manner we are having a tough time to cope up with this challenging atmosphere where by the time we reach the end of learning one skill, we find that there is a urgent need for another skill. This is a rather difficult situation but the professionals have to cope up with this if they want to survive in this new scenario. The life is not so simple now and enhanced efforts are needed to remain in the fray in any business. There are some online companies whose survival is solely based on a robust computer application and all the logistic elements are woven well in that application for the satisfaction of the customer and providing a better service or delivering a precise item quickly. So these new dimensions are emerging everywhere and are to be properly understood before taking a concrete decision.
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    The topic could have been well accommodated as a response to this thread about remaining in the fray.

    It is disheartening to note that members, despite our suggestions time and again, are not keeping a watch on the index to look whether similar threads have been posted recently. And more than that, it is quite disgusting that authors who have raised similar threads choose to respond to threads on the same idea without even mentioning that they have raised a thread on the same topic. This trend needs to be checked and avoided.

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