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    It is not good to doubt more than required.

    I have an uncle who is a little sick these days. His sons make him visit the doctors and all his reports are normal but still, he is not trusting any doctor or report. The family is worried and disturbed due to his behaviour. It is not that he has behaved like this only now, rather he was of such nature from the beginning. He did not trust anyone easily but looked at each one with suspicion. As his age grew, his nature became even more complex. Now the situation is such that he needs the help of a good psychiatrist.

    We often take such natures seriously only when it becomes a problem for us. Both, believing everyone too much or keep doubting everyone, can cause problems in life. It is important to take care of such things so that the balance of trust can be made, otherwise, the problem will increase with the age.

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    Many people will have this problem. They never believe anybody and they doubt everybody. Some doctors understand the problem easily and suggest medicine easily without any tests. That will not create any confidence in the patients in the doctor. So they start doubting them. Actually, confidence in the doctor will cure 50% of the problem.
    It is not good to doubt everybody. At the same time, we should not trust everybody blindly. We should observe when we met them once or twice and understand the behaviour of the person, we will understand the person.

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    I think he might have been sceptical for a long time and this tendency ingrained in his mind beyond the proper limit. Now it has taken shape of a serious disease. But there is not a big problem as such, he can be cured by a doctor as the author has also pointed out that he is under treatment of a psychiatrist.
    His behaviour may be a lesson also for us that we should not doubt everything unnecessarily. Such tendency entails serious repercussions in the long run.
    I wish him to get well soon.

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    Some people have their own doubts even after verifying with others and making it sure that everything is in order. Those people has less self confidence and they would not trust themselves leave alone others One of my relative who is such a doubt person that while locking his vehicle or the house main door he would check twice or thrice to make sure that it is securely locked. He would would not believe others saying that the lock was complete and need not check again. Such people when they go the bank they would be sitting at the bank till the transfer is made and the work done and they would ensure that work is done in front of them.. It is good to have such a trait but it should not be used every where as the opposite person has other works which cannot be wasted and his time is also precious to be reminded.
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    These days many people have this doubt on doctors. When a person is unwell or have some health issues and if the person is suggested to visit a doctor, the first thing they tell is let me wait for few more days other wise doctors will prescribe unnecessary scan and tests to make money which is also true in some cases.
    In my own experience, I had visited a orthopedic few months back as I had swelling in my wrist because of which I was not able to move my hand or even lift a small pin. The doctor checked my hand and asked me to get a blood test done to know what is the reason. When I went to the lab the doctor told, the charge for the blood test for 1500. I came out telling I will visit later for the test and went to another doctor. Luckily with one small Xray and medicines I was cured.
    Such incidents that doctors do leaves people in doubt but it is also wrong for us to doubt every doctor as not all are like that. Also if the doctor whom we visit is best, then we have to listen to all that he says to get cured.

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    Doubting the doctors is not a healthy trend at least he is there to find the root cause of the problems recommending different blood tests, MRI, X Ray and so on so as to be familiar with exact cause of the health problems. Doubting them and not going to them in connection with the medical treatment would further detoriorate the health condition of the patient.
    However, we cannot blame entirely to such patients. May be the doctors are prescribing different blood tests and such tests are not necessary in connection with the treatment. So to tap extra money from the pockets of the patients form the bad practice in the medical profession. Hence if a patient doubts the integrity of the Doctor, he should not be blamed.

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    It is not possible to quantify doubts and hence we cannot say how much doubt is required. As the author has mentioned, there are people like this who doubt almost everyone, be it the family members or outsiders and with age this nature becomes predominant. Actually, many of us ignore such behaviours of our family members and relatives which we should not. A health professional has to be consulted for such disorders and with proper treatment, it may be cured. Otherwise, with age, the problems will increase. The family members and associates of such persons will find it quite difficult to manage.

    We trust some people because from our experience of dealing with them we understood that they may be easily trusted though in many cases, we need to apply our logical sense without trusting someone blindly. Whatever may be our decision, we need to give it a good thought.


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