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    Regarding decrease in cash credits

    Today morning while working in ISC, I suddenly found that my cash credits decreased by 26. Sometimes it happens that there is a decrease of a few points but as it was significant I checked on that and could not make out much as I have no base to start to find the increments. Still my doubt is that some of the points related to college courses, forum responses etc might be now missing from this figure. Anyway that is a blind guess only and I request the concerned editor to please have a look on that so that it gets resolved.

    As an extreme case if something had been added to my cc total twice then it is natural that such dips will correct them and it is normal to do so. But I am not able to find out the answer myself and that is why I am posting this request. Inconvenience regretted.
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    Umesh, please try recalculating your cash balance and check whether the difference stands adjusted. Also, check whether you have updated and submitted any article or course/ college etc which is pending review.
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    Normally cash credits of such proportions would not be deducted unless and until it was wrongly credited. The editors of the concerned sections should throw light on this doubts.
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    Saji, is there any simple method to find it (that is how to recalculate) because many cash credits might had gone in the last month payment and what we have in gifts and awards tab is the latest cumulative total of individual components. Still, I have tried to recalculate it from my memory and cc awarded after 01.02.2021. That could be near to the actual figure even if I am missing a few of them.

    The result of my recalculation is also coming near the present figure that is 198. On that day I was a bit baffled as I saw the dip from 224 to 198 as I had also mentioned earlier in this post. So, I think issue is more and less resolved except if you have to add anything from your side. Thanks a lot. The thread can be locked if you wish so.

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    Umesh, did you try the recalculate feature on your dashboard?
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    Yes, I did it and from that only the figure of 198 was obtained on the dashboard. Then I manually did some additions as I had already explained at #723304. That is all.
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    Today after using the recalculate feature it is showing 210 because yesterday 12 cc were added from the Ask Experts section.
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    Umesh, a difference of a few amount may occur during the cleansing process and also when some content is reviewed by the editors. Generally, such discrepancies appear temporarily and are corrected once you recalculate. Now that you have recalculated and also done the calculation manually and found the amount to be tallying, we are now locking this thread.

    Please feel to raise another thread if you detect such an issue after a few days.

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    I have re-opened this thread to provide you with useful guidance provided by Tony Sir that explains the reason for deduction in points and cash credits when you recalculate. As Saji suggested, if you again face a major issue, raise a fresh thread and we will check it out.

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