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    Valentine's Day. Write a short love story on this day.

    My dear Lovely Members,
    Today is Valentine's Day. This day is also known as Lovers day. A sweet day for the Lover boys and girls. Also for the loving couples irrespective of young or old. At ISC, why not we celebrate the day by writing a short love story.

    Members, please write an interesting short love story (word limit - Min 100, Max -150). Best story will receive a gift from ISC's virtual gift shop.

    Come On! Let us celebrate.
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    Roshni was quite happy from this morning, and why would not it be her first Valentine's Day. She was thinking, what if Rajiv is not here yet, it is not necessary to be near for true feeling. After all, Roshni got engaged to Rajiv and it was the first Valentine's Day after that. In the afternoon, Roshni went to meet her friend and when she came back, the atmosphere of the home was somewhat sad, Roshni was worried about what happened. Then her attention was turned to the news coming on TV - this was the news "Pulwama Attack". Roshni was shocked and sat, for some time she could not understand, would Rajiv be alright? Rajiv was a soldier who had away from his family at that time to protect the country. Then suddenly, Rajeev's father got a call on Roshni's father's mobile, but this call was with good news, he said - Rajiv is safe, he was not included in those soldiers.
    The news was good, Roshni's courage increased that her love is safe, but on the other hand, all were upset, such great sorrow that made the whole country cry. In that accident, many families lost many of their loves on this day.

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    That was one Friday morning. And the information that a girl and their family would visit our home to finalize the marriage proposal. Though it was the arranged marriage , the feeling of getting married was ripe from both the sides and everything went as formality and the marriage was fixed in July. Though both wanted to meet each other before the marriage and know about more, the orthodox families does not allow such meetings before marriage and thus both never had the chance to have one to one discussions even though there was a happiness all around as the arrangements for the marriage was going on in full swing. And for them the real Valentine day was their marriage day and both had enough discussions about one another in the night and thus felt very happy that the arranged marriage was not a huff marraiage
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    Monica never felt so irritated. There was no sign of Amit. It was Valentine day and they had a programme to go to their favourite restaurant for some snacks and have some fun outdoors. Amit told that he would be in the opposite park by 5 PM. They were courting for last one year and Monica had already attracted to Amit. It was 6 PM and Amit's phone was not responding. Monica was puzzled. Was Amit deceiving her? While thinking, she saw Amit rushing to her from the corner of the park.

    "Sorry", Amit softly said. He took her hand and started walking towards the restaurant. They got a place and ordered snacks and coffee. Suddenly, Amit sat on the floor on his knees and took her hand and gently pushed a ring in Monica's finger. She simply blushed and the people in restaurant clapped and made big applaud.

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    Good to see three good short love stories. I Would like to see more such stories from our beloved, active, young and old ISC members.
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