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    Even a small thought can bring great changes in your life.

    Often we wait when we get a chance and then maybe we can do something, or create an image in society. Many times there is precious time left in this waiting period, so every moment when there is an idea in your mind to bring positive changes in your life, then you should not ignore it, but think about it with calmness because you do not even know that the idea that has come to your mind is also being generated in someone else's mind and maybe you will keep thinking, on the other hand, someone will make its fortune with the same idea. I am not saying that we should not think about the ideas in detail, but we should not think too much while taking care that the thoughts disappear. Whether the idea is small or big, its implementation should be done correctly within the right timing.
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    The right step in the right direction at the correct time will give you the best results.
    I remember NTR, the Telugu Super Hero of Tollywood.
    The State was in very bad shape almost 90% of the people are vexed with the ruling party in the State.
    In another 10 months, elections were going to happen. There was no alternative.
    A friend of NTR advised him to start his own party. NTR was becoming aged. His cine travel might not have lost longer. Majority of the mass in the State was with him and worship him as their hero. NTR thought and accepted the proposal. Telugu Desam Party was found. Elections were conducted in 9 months for the State and the centre.
    His party came into ruling in the State and State MP seats also won by the party.
    He took the decision at the correct time and moved in the correct direction and got the best results. That is the power of timely decisions.

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    It is the fact that some people are clever enough to gauge their upcoming life more brighter and they would stick to their decision come what may in between. Take example of my daughter. We thought she would go for degree course after getting the free seat after SSC. But a corporate college was after her and counseled her to take the Bipc and pursue the MBBS if she has the niche. Somewhere it connected to my daughter and she insisted that she would do the science stream and rejected the free seat. We have to pay fee and got her admission. Fortunately she excelled in the Intermediate and eventually got into MBBS through the ESI medical college and thus her ambition to become a doctor was fulfilled as she used to write skits as the doctor during the school annual day and that has become the reality.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    A thought remains a though only unless you act upon it. If you think of reading a book and keep on thinking that you should read it, a day will come when you will completely forget it. If you think of reading it, either you need to purchase it or borrow it from the library. That's the first step and the actual step is reading it. After purchasing the book, if you keep it at a corner of the shelf then again there is a chance of forgetting to read it. As Dr Rao has said in his reply, 'right step in the right direction at the correct time' will provide the desired outcome. When inventors think of a product it comes just as a simple thought in their minds and when they delve deeper they invent something new. So whatever you are thinking you need to act accordingly and then there is a high chance of making some changes either in your own life or the lives of others.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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