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    How do you spend the Sunday, visiting others or be at home treating guests

    For those who have the hectic working hours all through the week and does not find time even to talk on phone or converse with relatives and friends, many would be waiting for the Sunday when many things are planned to happen the whole day and we try meet the relatives who are expecting our presence and also meet the friends who wanting to meet us. But there are people who stay put in their house the whole Sunday and expects others to visit them. What is your choice. Would you visit others or want to be the host for the visiting guests.
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    These days I am self-employed. I have no Sunday. I may have work for seven days continuously. I may not have work for another 15 days. So for me, my planning is different. Completly concentrate on the assignment and complete. Then think of relaxing.
    But when I was working for an organisation I used to take complete rest on Sunday. I never used to plan to go out on that day. My children used to try to manage me to go out. I used to give them the car keys. I used to tell them to take your mother with you and enjoy. But please allow me to take rest. But once a month, we used to go somewhere and enjoy the day.
    Of course many Sundays, many guests used to come and we used to entertain them. That is our minimum duty. These days there is a decrease in the guests who are coming to our house.

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    After my retirement from the job of steel plant, I am relaxed in the sense that there would not be no more hectic hours spent during the hours of duty. In fact, sometimes there was additional reporting in the night shifts even after my normal A shift completion. There was no scope of denial from the executive side and it seemed to be a thankless job many a time.
    That scenario changed completely in the changed regime. The initial days after retirement was entirely different since many known relatives dropped to my residence just to have normal chatting. After sometime, that scenario changed because of my frequent movement to either Pune or Bengaluru to see my daughters living over there. However, there was no dilution of cordiality of the relationship even in the altered movement. I enjoy the time perfectly in all the circumstances.

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    Even retirement age cannot be free from any visits or guests.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
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    Due to corona our socialising reduced to a great extent and it was almost nil for quite a few months. We are still hesitant to visit the friends and relatives though that was a great source of enjoyment for us. Earlier to corona though we were not very punctual in visiting others but we used to call them during the festival times for a mini get to gather and it was really a fun time to share sweets and snacks with them. They also called us and we used to go to their places as scheduled. We made it a point to visit others or others visit us as per pre-decided time and schedule so that people will be available in their houses. Many times what happens is that people want to surprise each other by visiting without prior information but are surprised themselves when they find that the host is already gone to surprise someone. With a little planning we can avoid that.
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    For me, almost all the days are the same, until we have any plan, while living in a joint family, we do not wait for any particular day for a particular plan, but it is made on any day according to the convenience of all members, and if it is seen, then, it would be our Sunday at any time. But when it is Sunday of the week, due to the presence of all the members at home, more time is spent in doing the necessary work of the house and interacting with everyone. Apart from this, the rest of my time goes to ISC because my effort is that I should not be absent on any day for any reason at ISC. The day of Sunday is full of busyness for me and if any guest comes then the busyness increases more.
    Swati Sharma

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    We should know that Sunday is the only day to rest peacefully at home and spend time with family members. This is applicable to both who wish to be the guests and hosts. The visit to others home should be avoided on Sundays. Holidays is an exception, but not Sundays. We can visit others home on an invitation, but not as an unexpected guest.
    Neither I would visit others, nor expect others to visit me on Sundays. Sunday should be a 'Freeday' for all.

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    Too many engagements on Sunday should not be planned.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I have been spending Sundays for several months. However, if I have to meet my friends or relatives I prefer to visit them on Sunday because they have time, else they will be disturbed in other days. Socialising is our duty. We can't live without fellow humans but blocking our activities within our personal framework is not favourable for me. I like to interact with them when I or they like to have some good moments together.

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    For a housewife Sunday is also like other days except when we decide to eat out. In fact Sunday is a more hectic day as everyone has some expectations from the housewife for some special food or things like that.
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