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    Improve your potential to the need of the hour

    Many of us are having potential traits to improve ourselves when the situation demands and that proves we have the ability to take on the stiff competitions ahead. Our potential may be good oratory skill, good writing profess or even managing the damage control abilities which much required for any person occupying the decision making seat. But who is going to decide our inner potential. It is not the others or our well wishers. The situation challenges would remind us to identify our own potentials.
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    Every person has an internal potential that plays an important role in his success. As the author has said that the internal potential is also related to the choices and circumstances that come in our life, it is right. Self motivation is also essential for the potential because when a situation arises at times that we feel that maybe it is out of our capacity, the self-motivation makes a person strong in relation to his inner potential and helps identify him. As long as we do not limit our capacity to any limit, then we keep increasing our potential.

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    The first responder rightly said that inner potential has to be explored.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    One has to rise to the occasion and show his potential and come out with flying colours. That will make the individual successful. If we fail in raising the situation we may not be successful. For raising to the situation one should have self-confidence and positive thinking. People with these qualities will come up to the situation and perform well.
    One should be able to know his inner potential and should be able to utilise this when needed. In some cases, the other persons may notice our abilities and try to motivate us so that we will perform well.

    always confident

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    Some people have great potentiality to tackle any potential situation but real test occurs when unexpected situation rises its head before someone and he tackles it successfully. Some people become muddled while finding themselves in such unexpected situation. However, real men are those who are never addled while undergoing any situation.
    I have hardly seen a few non-volatile personalities whose life encouraged me to mould myself to deal all odds and ordeal more pragmatically. It's a very fact of life that nobody propels you in positive manner. What I feel is that we should not open up before other people.

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