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    Are you a attention seeker?

    There are few people who want all the attention of others and do things to always be the centre of attraction. Sometimes, their tactics appear to be good and at times irritating also. And then there are few people who do not like attention to them and always avoid the situation. I do not like getting all the unnecessary attention. I get very conscious if I am talking among a group of people and everyone's eyes and attention are on me and I just stop talking or cut short what I want to say.

    Why do you think a person might get conscious if he is getting any attention? Do you like to have people noticing you or just like yo be for yourself?
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    To some extent, it is appropriate to be an attention seeker in some situations, but always if a person wants to be attended by people everywhere, this is one, then doing so increases the difficulty for that person. When we are with our family or with friends, I do not think that we should strive for attention but we should enjoy that time in the same way. But when we are in an environment like, want to do something that we really want everyone to focus on, then we should give the best performance, hoping for attention. People should not feel neglect if not getting the attention of others.
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    For that matter every performer becomes the attention seeker in the eyes of his enemies because he does the work silently and the forward looking attitude of him baffles others. He need seek the attention personally but his works speaks volume and that makes others to have glaring see on him. Attention seekers can be good orator, good discourse makers, good speakers and above all their good traits make them the big fan of others, Some are so intelligent that they keep on saying some good words and that would attract the others towards them. Nevertheless the attention seekers are around us and we keep on popularizing them for their every new trait and works and that makes them to perform superlative than others. Attention seekers never waste their time and that is the essence of their quality life.
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    Intentionally, I don't try to be a centre of attention in any gathering, however, sometimes, it happens, especially, while discussing any issue. I believe in logic, and practically, I support others too if their arguments are logical.
    Some people want to be a centre of the eyes and do a a lot of ostentatious activities and they are happy for that. However, some talented people who really entitled to be a centre of attention impress me too, despite me being hard to be impressed.

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    Let's be honest. It is only the extreme introverts who do not really want attention. All of us are happy to get attention and do seek attention from time to time. Suppose you get a new haircut or wear a new outfit. Don't you feel disappointed when nobody compliments you on it, not even noticing it? Just that feeling of disappointment is, in fact, an indication that you sought attention. Take another example. We often raise a thread here about an achievement or reaching a milestone. Yes, we are doing so out of a genuine sense of pride and are not boasting out of vanity. At the same time, we are really happy with all the complimentary wishes that pour in and do feel sad if only a couple of members respond. Indirectly, we are thus seeking attention.

    So even if we usually don't go out of our way to seek attention, at other times we are directly or indirectly doing so.

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    I feel we perform or act to get the attention of the people. There are many ways to get the attention of others. By performing well in presence of others we will get noticed. At the same time by behaving differently we will be the oddman out and we will get noticed. By doing unwanted things also we will get noticed. The ultimate question is how you are seeking attention?
    All of wants a special identity and we never wanted to be one among the lot When we have something special with us, we expect others to notice that and congratulate us. If somebody is not doing that we may feel upset.

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    I think most of the people in society seek attention and feel elated by it. It is a natural human nature and it is difficult to cane this pattern from our lives. Some people rarely do not bother for these formal things and do not mix with others. It is said that those who are gregarious and having leader like qualities will be very happy in socialising and may also pull in some more followers.
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    Who is not an attention seeker? We all are, but some convey it through their action and some keep mum. That's the only difference. Being a homemaker, I do expect some praise from my family after I cook something special. At times, I openly ask and sometimes just remain quiet. In public, I love to be myself. The more I am away from everyone's notice, I feel happy. I believe, to be an attention seeker one has to be a thorough extrovert, but I am an introvert among unknown people so feel comfortable if no one pays attention to me. The equation changes when I am among my dearest people. Thus, to an extent, everyone is an attention seeker.

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