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    The art of avoiding ventilating anger on others

    It is now called emotional intelligence. A great deal of research in applied behavioural sciences is now flowing into this. It simply refers to the total control of one's emotions, irrespective of the situational variables.

    The task is as daunting as it can only be. Our life is often dictated by circumstances beyond our control. For example, in a situation where one has a dirty and selfish boss, who shouts at the individual and plays any number of games to consolidate his own position, and, more often than not, the family members are more interested in the money that comes with the position, the hapless individual would have nowhere to go.

    What follows naturally is that we tend to ventilate all anger on our wife, drivers, servant maids and even cooks. They would often wonder why we have all hypertension in the first place. Members who would have controlled their anger through some intelligent methods may share their experiences.
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    Anger is our own enemy. It will spoil our mood and sometimes life also. We should not get angry. For this one should get the skill of controlling his /her emotions. We should know how we can control our emotions. A modern term for this is emotional intelligence.
    As mentioned by the author the tensions and pressures we get in the office will be ventilated in the house which will spoil the atmosphere in the house. So one should not bring their office problems to the family. That will ensure at least one part of our life will be good.
    These days psychologists are coming out with various suggestion to have our emotions in our control. Meditation, Yoga and diversion technics are some of the suggestions given. One should try to spend some time in such activities so that we will not get angry easily.

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    The author has rightly said that the person who suffers the most from anger is angry. It is also true that mostly we show anger on those who are younger or weaker than us. This proves that controlling anger is completely and only under our control. If we had, we could have shown our anger immediately on our boss, or officers or any leader, etc., but we do not do that. Because our brain understands that by getting angry at them, we get into trouble. On the other hand, we do not have any insecurity building on angry people or angry people. So when it is so easy to control your temper, one should control it very often. By doing this, many people will remain unhappy and our respect will also increase in the world. Science also believes that our blood pressure increases during anger, along with which many diseases cause us trouble. It is better to bring anger out of your life than to bring so many problems in your life.

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    We have been experiencing and also going through the phase of ventilating our anger on others for no fault of them and just because they come in sight face to face we choose to say them the choicest abuse and then seek apology for being vent the ire. In the fit of anger we try to over power others and that is bad trait. Some times the other person would understand the plight of us and keep quiet but otherwise they would also turn hostile and that would become the very big issue and even face off. By the way why should we vent anger on others and that proves our inability to tackle the situation. And those who loose their frustration on others are very dangerous as they would abuse even in front of our relatives and friends and that would be very sad moment for us as we cannot revert back to them for being close and elder to us.
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    I agree with the author that we vent out our anger on others just to remove our frustrations. And what I have observed is we generally vent out on people whom we think are not as strong as us or who works for us. Like showing it on maids or drivers or parents showing their frustration on children as they are the easy target and generally cannot defend or fight back.
    We all know the anger is actually harming us but none wants to work on anger management. It is always better to sit quite in some corner away from people for a few minutes so that we are cooled down and the effect of anger might not be as harsh as reacting immidieatly.

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    I think the person who shouts at others without any proper reason is like a man who is out of senses. Anger is a fire that should be extinguished in the bud. When someone shouts at others or vent out his anger because his boss is a rude and angry man, If you justify your venting out anger at your wife and servants then where they should go to vent out their anger?
    This is rather illogical to disturb the peace of home by venting out anger unnecessarily. If someone has this problem he should consult a psychiatrist to treat his mental disorder.

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    Anger is a spontaneous reaction of the human mind to certain triggers and it is generally vented on the softer targets. How to check it, control it, and contain it is definitely an art but requires a lot of control and discipline on oneself. It is said that even saints and sages have anger. It is such a widespread disease. There are no easy solutions. Psychologist advise some methods and techniques to control it and practice it but again the practical things associated with anger control are a difficult task and we often fail in that endeavour. A good life style with observing Yoga and spiritual living might help to some extent. One has to adopt it to see the benefits. Many people claim that disciplined life and detachment with earthly luxuries and facilities often help in getting a control on ones anger. Many people in foreign countries are learning these things from the Indian origin instructors in their country.
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