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    Along with cleaning the body, cleaning of mind is also necessary.

    It is a natural process that every day a person wakes up in the morning, cleanses his mouth first, and only then have something. It also takes care of the cleanliness of its entire body. We are taught from childhood to keep the body clean and the surroundings around us as well. After an age, it is understood by humans that physical cleanliness is very important for them and then this thing does not have to be taught. But it is also important for human beings to know that just as physical cleanliness is important, mental cleaning is also important.

    Cleanliness of the mind is the removal of negative thoughts that come to the mind. Good and bad thoughts naturally come to mind in the life of all of us, and if we do not remove the bad thoughts then there can be no mental cleansing, which is harmful to us.

    Meditation is the easiest way of mental peace and cleansing of the mind. If possible, after waking up in the morning, first of all, we should clean our mind through meditation, after that the importance of physical cleansing will increase further.
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    A clean mind devoid of bad traits and thoughts makes the life a pleasant experience. Many people ask methods and techniques to keep the mind away from evil thoughts. Definitely meditation is one of the prominent of them. More than that one has to engage oneself in constructive and creative activities and try to help others without any feeling of obligation. There are many people who want good guidance or information for getting a job or starting business but they do not know the process. We can help them indirectly by providing them that knowledge. Helping the fellow beings and guiding them in a correct path itself is a great way to achieve a sense of fulfilment in life. Everyone has some expertise and good traits and we have to try to inculcate them in others also by motivating the people for acquiring them. On the first instance people might not listen to us but when they see the good results in others they would also try to imbibe them.
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    That is true. We should keep our mind clean. We should not get into negative thoughts. We should not think bad about others. We should always have positive thoughts. How we can do this. We should practice this. Whenever you are getting into negative thoughts stop thinking about the issue that is there on your mind and start remembering the success you achieved recently. Go on remembering those happenings and how you emerged successfully. That will make your mind full of positive thoughts and your negative thoughts will go back.
    Meditation is one technique which is universally accepted for making your mind clean. Many people follow this and they say they got everything after that. Pranayama is another process which will clean your mind. Daily a few minutes of pranayama will give you good health for the body as well as the mind also.

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    For any work, we need to have the peace of mind and for that yoga is the best way to keep ourselves free from any kind of disturbance or distractions. We give priority to keep our body neat and clean like wise our mind should get rid of bad thoughts and bad characters that may influence us but seldom we give thoughts for our mind clean up. We should get rid of gossips on others. Give more time for spiritual hearings and discourses so that our mind gets more refreshed and try to understand the plight of others so that we get to know others problems and that way get refined over our thought process.
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    While we use toothpaste to brush our teeth and soap to clean our body it's a practice through which we can keep our minds clean. If the mind is idle many things can cloud the mind and to avoid that, we need to remain focused on something. Meeting various people and listening to the problems of many can be a part of one's job which may affect the mind in different ways. To get rid of unwanted thoughts regular physical exercise and meditation can help us a lot. The thing is we need to talk to our minds to understand what is happening there inside our mind and take appropriate action. Try to talk to yourself and listen to your own problems like the way you listen to others. That can help us to clean our minds.

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    The mind will be clean when we do not think ill of others. It is also not good to see bad qualities in others. We have to try and see the good qualities in others. Then our mind also remains clean.
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    I agree with the author that merely physical purfication is not sufficient for a person but also purifucation of thoughts shouldd be taken care of. Physical purification keeps a person good looking and fresh but purification of thoughts and inner conscience keeps a person mentally healthy. Such a person doesn't like ill habits or illactviies. He is no more amongst commoners, instead he enters the arena of greatness as a human being.We talk a lot but practically we are laggers in doing activities. But it's not easy for a commoner to change his tethered mentality because of ingrained indoctrination which has long lasting effect on mindset.

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    To clean our minds, we should visit temples, churches or mosques or any place of worship. These are the right places where we can concentrate our mind on one thing that is God. All our bad thoughts are filtered out and only good thought remains in our mind and heart. Inside the temple or church or mosques we can sit peacefully and meditate or don't meditate. Performing yoga or meditation at home for a few minutes won't help us, and it won't be effective as it is in temples or churches or mosques or any place of worship. The very purpose of creating and constructing such places of worship is only to clean our mind. We are supposed to clean our body first, and then visit the place of worship to clean our mind. The places of worship won't allow the bad and negative thoughts to creep in. That is the reason that we are fresh after coming out from the places of worship.
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