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    Is fear a natural process or do we create it ourselves?

    When there is a small child, he is shocked or scared even by a light voice. But as the child grows up, some fears are removed from his mind, but new fears are also created. Just like when a child is young, he does not know the difference in words like ghosts and humans, but as the child grows up and is told that after death there is something like a soul or its existence, then slowly there will be fear in his mind. Then again after some time that child will grow up and then he does not believe in all these things and his fear also begins to end.

    After all, what is fear, a natural emotion that comes from birth in humans, or it created by ourselves and our family or people from the surrounding society? If it is really a human-generated emotion, then why can't we control it?

    There is a very strange system, the same fear that is in our mind, we inadvertently give it to our upcoming generations, whether this fear is for an event, for a soul or ghost, or for God. We should not pass on our fear to the other generation in this way.
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    From the childhood to the adult age we have gone through the hell of fear. The children are given the feeling of fear if they fail to listen the parents or fail to eat properly and that fear is carried onward to the stage of grown up. Slowly the fear thus created was a time gap arrangements to which they need not fear. As they grow in to adults the fear of law enforcing agencies taking action on them for erring in public worries them. As they get into married life the fear and security of the children takes the front seat and as the person gets into senior level the very age itself cause the insecurity and thus the fear factor always lingers us all through the ages. Great are those who over come such fears and be the winners against all odds. Fearing is the great complex from which every one need to come out unscathed.
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    Fear is a natural instinct in animals of all kinds, having less or more consciousness level, including the human beings. It is like other feelings like anger, hunger, sadness, happiness, and many others and can grip us anytime anywhere. It is said that some situations and environments are more conducive to creating feae. For example in a lonely place where night has fallen and moon is not bright, the bushes, trees and other things around may look like animate things and create some doubt and fear in the mind as if something would come out of them or from behind them and attack us. The fear could be of wild animals and more than that fear could be of so called ghosts etc. We also learn some fear enhancing elements from what we see. For example those who see horror movies and such drams may get fear when similar situations are encountered in the life.
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    Fear is one among the Navarasas (Nine expressions of a person). It is natural, and expressed naturally as per the situation and circumstance. Even a small ant make us fear.
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    Fear is a biochemical response of our brain when it sees something. This biochemical response will mix with an individual emotional response. Under what conditions or in which environment one will get these responses will differ from person to person. That is why I may have a fear of a cat and another person may have a fear of Dog. We get fear by seeing a particular animal or species. We will get fear when we see something which is very unusual. If somebody is beating another person when you are seeing, you will get the fear. If somebody threatens you you may get the fear.
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