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    Managing the life without parental support

    Some people are more egoistic and self-confident that they can manage the things in life on their own without parental guidance and support. It is good to stand on their own feet. But children are always dear to their parents and expect that every move ahead in life but on the other hand children feel they are grown up and independent. Grandparents are eager to reach out to grandchildren and they have special care for them but this is not understood by the children and are thus denied the connect very much needed.
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    Parental shadow is an umbrella for the children and they wish to get it sustained for ever. Children need parental guidance under all circumstances whether these circumstances are good or bad. Parents should
    also spare their time for their children despite their own busy-ness.
    But now the generation-mindset is changing. Even small children are going to have their decision concerning their personal matters but this is not good for children. Parents need to share their opinion even they don't require their suggestions or guidance. These children can not be equal to adults, even they assume that they can take their decision or can perform like their elders.

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    Parental guidance will be good for the children to progress. The guidance will be good for the children as their experience will be very useful. They advise keeping their experience in mind and they will also keep the interest of the child in mind. So it is always better for the children to have parental guidance in important matters in their lives. In earlier days children used to care for the words of the parents and used to implement them.
    These days children are thinking that they have a piece of better knowledge than their parents and never care for the suggestions given by their parents. That is not good for the individual. The children should hear the words of the parents and try to analyse the situation and then if they feel that the advice given by them is good, they can implement that instead of giving a deaf ear completely to them.

    always confident

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    No matter how big we are our parental guidance always helpful to us.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Yes, ego start for the people who does not believe the existence of the good effect of parental support. But it may be exception where someone who are not luckey to get third parental guidance due to their non-existent in society. The children play to enjoy but Grant Patents try to hold the little hand so that they can not fell down. The child think that Grand Pa is disturbing his play. That's the true picture of the threat, it's a great threat. It is very true for those who deny the parental support because they are like a child. But when we become the parents or Grand Parents we must felt the different. So always think that you are so luckey to have Grand Parents with you to teach you the real value of life. Again thanks the author for the threat.
    Believe in the existence of God the super power.

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