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    No Carelessness Until there is Solution.

    In Business world, Customer's quality services is treated as the main objective. Without providing this, no entity can be sustained for long run. There are also various related issues that arises during operations should also be taken care in time to stand with. Now, how the above sentence is related with the word "Business"? Can you please share other fields where the sentence " No carelessness until there is solution" is relevant in your opinion. Thanks.
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    Every product or service has the exclusive customer base through which the customer relationship and customer retain ship is maintained. The customer service center should have the employees of well trained forces in technical knowledge and how to tackle the queries of the customers. It is imperative that the problems has to be redressed and addressed on the same day without taking them to escalating level. Surely customers who are not happy would put the Google reviews in adverse format and that is not good for any company. It is therefore important that the customer care should be given with super powers to deal and close these complaints which are likely to be future head ache and they must be settled forthwith. And those who does not want to attend complaint and gives cold shoulder they are discarded by the customers.
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    In today's business world there is no place for carelessness. It is inexcusable. We are striving for a perfect world which may sound utopian but is very true. Customer satisfaction is the must for thriving of a business. The solution for every problem is required in a precise way and it is natural that the process of finding solution should be carried out in a correct way. Any mistake in the process or procedure to find solution is not acceptable.
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    Procrastination, carelessness, mishandling and misbehaviour are not acceptable in business industry, especially, in the departments which are directly in touch with customers. A business entity develops because of its excellent services which establish its niche in competitive environment. Big companies resort to advertisement for expansion of their business activities but over all mouth publicity which is transmitted from person to person truly affects perseverance, consistency and boost up in demand of company's service availability and usage of the same.
    An employee who deals with a party or customer should clarify the deadline of getting his demand fulfilled and within the given date the required service or product should be available for the customer. If the word is kept, credibility of the company also enhances which results in more future business.

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    When a person undertakes some project or job then it is obvious that it has to be pursued and completed without any disruption or distraction. So, there is no question of taking it lightly or pursuing it reluctantly.
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