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    Is Facebook the only electronic vehicle to stay connected?

    After three full decades, I was able to connect to my former colleague at the prestigious IIM at Ahmedabad, who was a member of the Research Team, through Facebook. Well, apart from What s up, we have Zoho Corp that has an Indian product called Arattai, which simply means Chat in Tamil, from the Chennai-based Zoho Corp.

    My question is: do we have an Indian Facebook? Is there any other organization similar to Facebook, but with a similar global reach anywhere in the world? Members who are aware of this may please share their views. It is great that Zoho is creating careers for thousands of people in rural areas. If there is any other organization similar to Zoho, please do share such details too.
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    There are many others like Facebook but the only thing is that Facebook is the leader of the lot and people are very much used to it and it is so popular that one will think twice to leave it and start the profile somewhere else. Some of the other platforms like Facebook are - Diaspora, Veer, Path, Ello, MeWe, Minds, NextDoor etc. Most of them are free to use like Facebook. What happens is that when a person joins Facebook and finds that all his friends and relatives are there, one feels good and can communicate with them online, congratulating and wishing new year etc. Some people use Facebook for advertising their business or service and things like that. They are actually benefitted by it. Others are mostly wasting their time expect meeting old friends and passing time if they have it in plenty. There are many people who feel something missing if they do not see Facebook on a particular day.
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    Facebook has managed to gain entry into every cell phone and desk top computers and thus making the social media giant as the unparalleled connectivity to our family and friends across the globe and through personalized groups further enhancement of the reach has been assured. As both audio and video sharing is possible along with the texting it has become more famous in recent past as Facebook has become the facilitating forum for many to exchange the pleasantries on all matters. Especially the Facebook has become the sharing platform for the personalized functions and programs to which it is widely used for circulating the invitation and information. What I feel that there is no other platform equivalent Facebook of Indian version may be there would soon be a desi version as part of self reliant plank.
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    I also met many of my school and college friends through Facebook. Even some relatives after seeing my surname contacted me through Facebook and we became close. Even though there are many similar sites like MeWe, Minds, NextDoor etc. Facebook is still the leader. Facebook is having an early bird advantage. There are lots of members and you can find many of our friends whom we have not met recently also can be met through this site.
    This particular site is bringing in many new features and attracting more and more members inside so that it will not lose the advantage. There are many business advertisements on this site which are yielding lots of money to the site.
    A know a person in Hyderabad who conducts real get-togethers with his Facebook friends in various cities. He conducted in Hyderabad and Chennai. Last year he expired.

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    Honestly, I don't know if there is an Indian version of Facebook. Facebook us the leading social platform where old friend who were lost in this race if life are found. I have also found some old college friends through social media. Lately, a old classmate who studied with me in 12th, is now living in Canada. We talked on phone.
    I am not very fond of visiting social sites. I prefer to talk on phone or meet in person. It looks quite weird that people living in the same colony don't have time to meet in person or sit together but they can chat in social media for several hours. Doesn't it look weird ?

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    It is like this. Though we have many things to eat, we look at rice and wheat first. Facebook is like that. Though there could be many sites to communicate, Facebook remains on top and is preferred by all. Even the rural folks know only Facebook, nothing else.

    Facebook helped me to trace hundreds of my good old friends who served with me in different places. After tracing them through Facebook, I got connected to them on WhatsApp.

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    Facebook is the most popular portal for socialising online and it has become so common that people do not know how they will be surviving without Facebook if any such situation comes in future.
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