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    Why do the Chicken lovers prefer leg piece? What is special about it?

    I sincerely hope that non-veg members would love to discuss this issue. Chicken is a favourite non-veg dish prepared as different dishes. Chicken Biriyani, Chicken Chops, Chicken curry, Chicken Masala, Chicken Fry, Pepper Chicken, Chilly Chicken, Butter Chicken, and many more. Among all the above, the eaters prefer the leg piece as their first and best choice. What is special about the leg piece? What attracts the eaters in that portion of the chicken? The chicken leg is also called Chicken lollypop.

    I wish to discuss with our members as to why we prefer chicken leg pieces than other parts of the chicken. There are good fleshy parts in chicken like the breast, wings, neck, liver etc.

    Let our discussion be interesting like the leg piece of the chicken.
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    First thing I want to mention in this context is that many people like chicken over the mutton may be due to variation in taste or individual liking. Second thing is that these non vegetarian items are very tasty not because of their raw appeal but because the way they are prepared - with a lot of spices and seasoning and frying etc. Who can resist a deliciously spiced, marinated, and cooked piece of chicken? As regards the preference over the leg piece than that of the pieces from other places, I have not found any difference in taste but the way the leg piece allows us to hold it and at the same time allows us to nibble on it may be the secret behind that liking.
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    I think the author seems to be a big fan of non-veg that he has noticed this taste of fellow-eaters. Non-veg itself has an appeal to lovers of food who want to taste different delicious dishes. I have also noticed that people gaze at the leg pieces when they are standing in a queue waiting their turn in any gala feast. I think the main reason is it is a fleshy part.
    Chicken is not my favourite dish let alone leg piece, however, if I am given the option to choose I will also run for a leg piece. I can't revolt against eaters community. I am also an integral part of this vast community scattered around the world.
    But one secret I tell you, I like to take veg and pulses mostly instead of non-veg food. You will be surprised to know that I have not got non-veg cooked in our kitchen for one year.
    If you have come to this conclusion that I have banned non-veg for my family, then I would say NO. Actually, the issue is that my family is also not fond of non-veg. My wife doesn't like to eat any non-veg too much and the wife of my brother has never eaten non-veg in her whole life, but my brother is a non-vegetarian.

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    I think the thrill and excitement of pulling the meat from the chicken leg while holding it in one hand is the reason for its attraction or popularity. Same meat removed from the leg beforehand may not give same taste to the person.
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    Someone said that the leg part of the chicken is a strong part. Hence eating the chicken leg would help to improve the strength of our legs like the chicken legs. I do agree with the comments that it is very easy to hold and eat the fleshy part of the chicken leg.
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    Sun, what a foolish conclusion by that 'someone'!

    I think it is more of a fancy as said by Neeru. In addition, the legs being fleshy and the meat being comparatively softer, people entertain a special liking for chicken legs.

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