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    Influential and resourceful people manage everything

    There are some influential and resourceful people in the society who manage things through their connections, networking, and positions. Sometimes, some of them might do some wrongful or criminal actions also but due to their resourcefulness they manage to get out getting the bail also easily and then through legal recourse delay the justice and then one day either are acquitted or given a small term in jail and even in the jail they manage in the name of good behaviour etc and come out before the scheduled end of the imprisonment. At the same time other people who have no resource, but alleged for some wrong doing, rot in jail for long and even die there before justice is pronounced. Is there any solution to address this problem? Some people say that if governance is improved and corruption is eradicated then probably the situation might improve. What is your opinion about this serious and important issue?
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    It is the fact that those who are guarded with push and pull traits are always the winner in the present society as those who can afford to close a case or those who have the muscle power to tilt the case is the reality in happening. How the people who are connected to ruling party would misuse their proximity to the leader in power is well known and even the law enforcing agencies are giving credence to their influence. Just a phone call to a person does the miracle for some and that proves their high connectivity in the society. Some people nurture the top officials and the those in high positions so that at the time of need they would reach out. I have seen some people sending Deepavali gifts in the shape of dry fruits packets to some high officials and in turn they would oblige for big help in return. This is happening in every state.
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    The author has raised a genuine issue which is reality of this age. Influential people regardless of what crime they have committed, are hardly brought to justice and in case they are caught by law enforcement agencies they are not kept for a longer period in prison. We know many leaders or those criminals who have direct contact or good relations with influential people are freely committing crimes against law or even crime against humanity, remain scotfree. What can be said when criminals are hailed with garlands for committing crimes? Can the crimes be curbed? Almost impossible. We have seen it has happened in past, that some people killed an innocent person and later these murderers were welcomed by political leaders.

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    The author is right, it has been happening for a long time that it takes a very long time to define words like justice, injustice for people who have all the resources or who are quite famous. On the other hand, the person who is normal or poor does not spend much time in sentencing and the case is closed. The reason for this is also that when the cases of famous people come in the court or in front of the world, then it also proves to be a big income for the media to show to the public. It takes time to make decisions in those cases where the media puts its steps because such big decisions now reach the public directly. But only with the end of corruption, such cases will not be solved, but humanity should be there for this.

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    I agree that the people in positions can get things done to their choices and in their ways. It is a fact of our system and even the public is well aware about it. In our ancient scriptures it is mentioned that the efficient and capable persons will rule the world. It is happening everywhere.
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    Yes, the author has raised a practical threat which is happening in almost every cases. I think is is mainly due to the infrastructural deficiencies in our Legal department. There are Advocates in the country who are not getting the Jobs with the department as the department is not able to appoint even there is sufficient requirement. Naturally the specific influential Peoples are taking this advantage and managing with the help of corrupted officials. Because there is no deficiency for corrupt officials in our country. I think Govt should dissolve this issue with the help of new work force group, otherwise this will continue. I think in the Film "Jolly LLB -2" ,the picture has clearly shown similar situations and related judgement of the Judges. Accordingly similar Judges and Advocates are required in the society. Thanks.
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    I feel here the individual and his contacts are responsible for these wrongdoings. How can we say the government is at fault or the courts are at fault? Some lawyers use their brains in getting the criminals out and involving innocent people in the case.
    I know a gentleman who did an accident while driving a car. Somehow he managed the police in that area and seen that the name of a driver is involved in the case and that gentleman was relieved. That driver was given some money and finally when some fine is imposed the rich man paid it on behalf of the driver. This is a small example. So many things will be happening like this.
    The lawyers and police combinedly try to find a way out to get the real culprits bailout from the case. Of course, some politicians might also get involved. The individuals are responsible for these illegal activities but not the government.
    If people start refusing to vote for illegal candidates and for the candidates who are criminals, there may be some change in the situation. But a more important issue is that professionals should keep the ethics intact and see that good and innocent person is not punished.

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    Due to the influential people getting all the benefits, does not the common person feels disgusted and discouraged?
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