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    New job great interest

    When we join the new job, the interest with which we start the new work would be immense and and that would be sustaining too. Once the job get accustomed, we are not only have the command over the work but also has good leadership quality on others. At the same time when we leave the present job and go to the new job, we do need have to take time to understand the working condition and job acceptance and that is not going to be that easy. What is your experience on the subject and share your details.
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    As a fresher someone has zeal and much of interest in learning the job and concerned responsibilities and perform his assigned duties wholeheartedly. It polishes him to be a diligent employee. Over the time he gets his work easy to be carried out.
    Some people do not want to change accompany and keep on working at a place because of their interest, satisfaction, working environment, lacking in extra confidence. On the other side, some people can't stay at one place and they keep on changing their jobs and companies. It increase number of opportunities to progress and withdrawing higher salary. They are the real winners whose destination is far beyond imaginations of some people. Their confidence level is more than much of average. Working environment always affects the working abilities and performing duties but some people are not affected by working environment. They don't stay at a place for a longer period. They adjust themselves to the environment so long as they are adhered to the a particular company and once they move out they never recognise their old colleagues. They are through professionals.

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    Old job or new job, they remain interesting only till we learn new things and get new challenges. Human mind is a strange entity, it requires change from the present and a person having desire to learn will never be satisfied with a stagnant life. Learning makes us busy and mind does not distract to earthly matters. Many people have no interest in learning and enhancing their skills. Life is full of boredom for them as they do not have any agenda in life. Learning has many advantages. It not only enhances one's knowledge but also keeps busy one in constructive activity.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Anything new will be interesting. When we start learning driving we will have a lot of interest and we try to spend as much time as possible. In the same way, when we join a new job we will have a lot of interest in the job and we want to get the good impression of the boss as the first impression is the best impression.
    In 1988, I joined a new company. On the day of joining, I had a small discussion with my boss. He discussed some issue with me and asked me to study the same so that the next day discussion can happen. I thought of utilising that chance to get the impression of my boss. I prepared well and made a good presentation. In the meeting which held the next day, I made my points very clear and my boss impressed very much and he acknowledged my efforts. My career in that organisation flourished and got many promotions.

    always confident

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    It is the fact that new job or present job the learning makes the life busy.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The routine jobs do not evoke any interest or challenge and are completed just like that. At the same time new jobs will make a person very alert and looking forward to it with great excitement. Attempting a new job in a new organisation is like a test of the individual and if he gets success in it the management will definitely take a note of it and will try to remunerate him well.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    New job will be interesting because we get to learn many new things, have new colleagues and team members, new working environment etc. But at one point we will lose interest because things get monotonous and there will not be anything much to learn. Learning a new skill or doing something new in our present job keeps us busy and also interesting. If we think out of box and do our work, we will learn a lot and that will also increase our curiosity in understanding the topic deeper and this will definitely not kill our interest in our job.

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