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    Basant Panchami the Saraswathi Puja Celebration 2021.

    The Hindu Community celebrated the Sara Swathi Puja the Goddess of Knowledge and education with Joy and fervor in every year to the starting day of the season Spring. In west Bengal this Puja is celebrated by the students at every school and colleges worshipping Goddess Sara Swathi . But due to Corona, most of the School and Colleges are celebrating as Virtual worshipping. Let us pray to Ma Sara Swathi in this auspicious day for the true education for all of us.
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    This is an important festival in the Hindu culture and we celebrate it every year with great interest. Saraswathi is the Goddess of learning and education and is a guiding power not only for the students but for any person who has a desire to learn. It is said and believed by many people that the persons who are blessed by Goddess Saraswathi, do very good in academic and knowledge areas and become a great scholar in their lives. On this occasion I wish everyone a learning and awareness time and wish that Goddess Saraswathi may bless all of us in our creative work.
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    On this day the new children are introduced to the education through the ceremony called Akshara Bhyasam and in Telangana two temples namely the Basara Sarawathi and Vargal Saraswathi temples are agog with activities as new children are made to write the first alphabet on the slate thereby signaling the new beginning of their learning experience with right earnest. Goddess Saraswathi is considered as the knowledge and wisdom spreading God and thus on this day there would be heavy rush to start the learning for small children. And by three years the child should be school ready so that by 15 years the 10th class is completed. In those days the child use to be in the mothers lap for first five years as there was no kinder garden sections. Now a child has to go through the nursery and higher classes.
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    Saraswathi is the Goddess of wisdom. Hindus worship her every year of Vasantha Panchami day. She showers all her devotees' many boons. Hindus believe that by worshipping this Goddess their learnings will improve and become wise.
    When a child starts studies, the parents will make the child worship this Goddess. This is customary in almost all Hindu families in Telugu states. Basara, a village in Nizamabad district of Telangana, there is a very famous temple of Saraswathi Devi. Many parents take their children to this place and perform Aksharabhyasam in this place.
    The people who have the blessings of this Goddess will excel in their studies and they will have excellent wisdom. They will continue their career in the field of teaching and research areas and show their potential. I pray Goddess Saraswathi to bless all the members of this site with her kind blessings.

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    Maa Saraswati is known as the Goddess of knowledge and wisdom. Every year Saraswati puja is celebrated by Hindu people with great enthusiasm. We call this day 'Basant Panchami. Spring season starts from this day onwards. This year Basant Panchami may be celebrated in simple way due to effect of the corona. Hindu people believe that Maa Saraswati gives wisdom and knowledge to their devotees. So, It is more celebrated in school and college with students. On this day, Aksharabhyasam is performed for small children before starting school in temples. It is believed as God will give wisdom to small children through this aksharabhayas puja.

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    When I was in school, it was used to a holiday on Basant Panchami, but teachers called some of the students to the school for the pray and worship of Saraswati Mata. I used to went school on this day. The dress code for the special days was yellow only, and we have to wear any yellow suit. I still remember the complete prayer of Sarswati Maata ..which was " Ya kundendutusharhar dhawla, Ya shubhr vastyavitaa" in Sanskrit and another Hindi prayer also which we have sung in front of the students and teachers. This day always reminds me of my school days. I pray to Sarswati Mata for healthy and positive thinking and blessed us with a higher mind.

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    I really don't understand how the author has raised this thread on Saraswathi Pooja now. I agree that today is Vasanth Panchami, but how come Saraswathi Pooja. Saraswathi pooja is celebrated in the month of October along with Dussera and Aayutha Pooja. That is the day when children are taken to the temples and write 'A', and we seek the blessings of Goddess Saraswathi.

    Are you all in agreement that today is Saraswathi Pooja, or you are blindly following the author? I thought only the seasons are different with a cool February, but I see the festivals are also different.

    Let us clarify it. This year's Sarawathi Pooja falls on Thursday the 14th October 2021.

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    Yes, to day the 16th February"21is Saraswathi puja. 1st day of Spring season in every year
    is the day of Saraswathi puja in all over West Bengal and is also a Govt. Holiday. Since childhood we used to collect flowers in the morning and go to school with Fruits and sweets for the puspanjali . Om Jay Jay devi Characharo Sare..... and after completing puja we all were taking the Prasadh. In Bengal this puja is also celebrated in the Club, Mahalla , Individual home. And Mr SUN ,without knowing the truth you should not declared the date as 14th oct, 21 which is the Navami Puja day (Durga puja) and 16thFeb'21 is the Saraswathi puja which is also celebrating in my home today.

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    In our childhood we used to observe this festival in a very special way by making yellow coloured handkerchieves for all the family members as well as some of the relatives who came to our place and we offered them these hankies.
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