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    Admission to Fisrt Standard in Acadmicyear 2020-21

    As all of us are aware that due to the pandemic situation in 2020 we were unable to take admission for the 1st standard. No physical classes conducted due the Covid19
    But schools are asking for the Fees and also not allowing repeat admission for the 1st statndard.
    in this situation there is loss of students education.
    Its very difficult to deal with this.
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    I don't understand what will be taught online to a first standard student. Why should we have online classes for them? Schools are trying to make some money using this as an advantage. I think we need not worry about it. Train the child in the house and put the girl in the 2nd class by writing the entrance test. The child can pick up well and progress well without any problem. There will be some schools where they allow students in higher classes. Start looking for such a school in your area.
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    Surely the education has gone for a beating in India during the pandemic as there was no apt guidelines from the center or the state govts and thus the private schools had the field day collecting same fees in spite of not conducting the classes and in the name of on line classes which lasted hardly for few minutes and dictated the parents to pay the full fees for the last year to which the parents are not ready because they are not paid with full salaries. So there should some considerations on the part of schools otherwise people would shy away from the admissions to new schools for this year.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The year 2020 was a turbulent year in many ways.There was a pay cut for many of the employees working in private sectors and many were unfortunate because of loosing their jobs due to pandemic phase. This phase also affected the kids and youngsters in getting their normal education in their schools. However, the online classes was introduced by such institutions to earn massive profits with this provision for lesser hours but no concession in terms of fees.
    In the current academic year, they would like to offset their losses which could not be recovered from their ends and the wards may be permitted to take admission on the next higher class paying the premium fees. The solution lies in better negotiation with the school authorities insisting them to take the fee of the current session allowing their wards for admission to the next higher classes. Such a decision would not affect ultimately to the kids and they could adjust very well with their current sessions.

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