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    Liberal democracy vs illiberal democracy.

    Dictatorship and democracy both are opposite to each other. It's hardly acceptable in any country which has a democracy that any ruler suspends the democratic system of governance as long as he remains in power as we have seen in Peru, Hungry and Venezuela. Even the world community also does not accept it. However, one thing is noticeable around the world that liberal democracy is changed into illiberal democracy as happened in the US and even in the present age it is happening in Russia and Turkey. In illiberal democracy neither Constitution nor parliament is suspended, however, the ruler doesn't abide by the Constitution. He controls all constitutional bodies/institutions and sometimes, changes rules of the game also. He threatens his opponents by using his constitutional powers. Sometimes, he enmash his opponents by imposing false cases against them. In this way either they succumb to these stringent and unconstitutional steps or flee away from the field. This stratagem also spreads a message amongst all expected opponents who might be a threat to the ruler in days to come. They have to stay silent in a corner as Russian President Putin warned all big businessmen to stand by him and he would allow them to do their business freely. All of them accorded to his deal but one businessman Boris rejected his proposal and as a result, Putin got him enmeshed in false cases and Boris had to leave Russia. T. Erdogan of Turkey also did it against his opponents.
    In a liberal democracy, all constitutional bodies work freely without any pressure from the government. Media is also allowed to present the real image of the country but in illiberal democracy check and balance about government is lost in obscurity. The government can violate even constitution and no constitutional institutions can curb the government from contravention of the constitution.
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    The author explained very well the difference between liberal democracy and illiberal democracy. The present government in Andhra Pradesh is trying to go in the direction of illiberal democracy. But luckily the State High Court is coming in between and trying to see that the government will not go in the wrong direction.
    In our country even though media is having freedom, they are not trying to bring the facts out. They are trying to use the freedom given to them as a tool to improve their TRP. That is how the freedom given to them is being misused.

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    India has been the liberal democracy to which the world is baffled over and trying to follow our laid down principles. The way the rules of the of the constitution are followed is the testimony to prove that our laws are guarded by the legal guarantee and the courts are the custodian of our democracy. In other countries the Military if want to topple the govt can do it but In India the three chiefs work under the supreme commander ie President and thus nothing can go wrong. Even In Pakistan the govt us vulnerable to be toppled by the Military actions and thank God India is not having such bad practice. Nevertheless India needs to be vigil and external forces which are working over time to cause the internal security problem to which none is aware of it. And the way the elections are conducted is the great exercise and largest in the world.
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