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    Today, honesty is the path to excruciation

    Some people are dishonest and they don't shy of letting other people know about them and their dishonest ways.

    Some people are semi dishonest. Such people change their masquerading and sell their honesty if they find an opportunity to avail some benefits. They are perfect opportunist people. They display their pretentious honesty in public and cross the line of honesty when situation demands.

    However, some people are literally honest. They cannot be distracted from their honest principles and for the sake of honesty, they are even ready to sacrifice all monetary benefits. But sometimes, they are pushed into a crisis by a bunch of dishonest people or group of perfidious and pernicious people. These honest people are marginalised or driven away or cleared away by such gangs, but despite knowing all ill effect they are steady and firm at their place. Now, in this present age, this third category of people is on verge of extinction.

    Dishonesty is easy and comfortable to adopt because dishonesty is prevalent in every nook of the system. These dishonest crooks are parasites living in luxurious paradises whereas honest people undergo problems and even excruciation.

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    Nobody is a thief until he was caught. So everybody appears and behaves as if they are very honest. But when a chance comes to be dishonest who refuses and rejects that chance is the real honest person.
    Some people will be honest as there is no chance for them. But some people are honest in all circumstances. Such people are the real honest people.
    An honest person will definitely be rewarded by God. We all know the story of the woodcutter and his axe. He is so honest that when the River God offered him a Golden axe when he lost his iron axe, simply rejected saying that his axe is not made of Gold and that will not be useful for him to cut the wood.
    We rarely see such people these days. In the 1980s, voters used to take money from one candidate and used to vote for him. That is their honesty in dishonesty. But these days we see some voters take money from all the candidates and finally vote for somebody whom they like.

    always confident

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    The author rightly said that truly honest people of the third category are about to become extinct. Honesty is a quality that helps you live an easy and settled life because an honest person does not have any kind of fear. But when we look at the dishonest people around us in today's times, we saw that how a dishonest person does wrong to an honest person, and still, he does not feel sorry for this. Now, most people play the game of honesty and dishonesty based on the demands of time. Such people will look honest to you in most cases but sometimes even abandon their quality at some point. The strangest thing is that the person does not remain completely honest with himself, that is, he does not easily accept his evils and shortcomings and if he accepts, instead of correcting them, he also acts to hide them in front of others, this is also dishonesty from others.

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    Every one are honest in the Society, no body like dishonesty. But the dishonest act are not understand by some people. The people we does not understand is treated as dishonest. If you see in the society all people like to get benefited but if to get the benefits is really means dishonest then what will be the benefits.
    The above is the common man understanding in our country.
    Therefore it is very easy to take any advantages including undue advantages by a class of People as very rightly told by the Author. But there are a portion of people in our society who are really honest so the society is still surviving. The moral of people needs decorated to a wide range to become free from this. All section of people of the society should be guided by a true leader for moral boosting. But who is ready to be such a Leader?

    Believe in the existence of God the super power.

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