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    How do you deal with obstinate people?

    Some people are extremely stubborn. This obstinacy has become part of their character. Such people have bizarre proclivity to propel their illogical ignorance. You might have detected such obnoxious wranglers. If I happen to come across them I prefer to keep silent instead of wasting my energy in expounding them persistently. I know that they are not going to grasp what I am trying to drill into their mind. They are preconceived and presumptuous about their ignorance. I am not talking about illiterate people, they are educated, notwithstanding, they don't budge a bit from their fallacious reasoning. I can't say what are the exact reasons for this mindset. It could be due to shallow knowledge or it could be due to old age or it could be due to their innate propensity of ostentatious supremacy. However, I have noticed that they are easily exasperated, motor mouthing is their common habit, they always take the opposite aspect intentionally to start a useless and flawed debate.
    How do deal with such people?
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    Everyone are stubborn in their own way and what seems to be right to them but not be right for us. If you are having a debate with such people who want to prove only their point, then it is always best to refrain from the discussion. By this, we will not lose our mind and peace. In fact, we will not lose anything by refraining. There is no point in having a debate when the opposite person's view is not considered and given a thought. It's always better to ignore such people and if ignoring is not possible then we can try and ignore talking to them as much as possible.

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    It is really difficult to deal with those who are stubborn and they are not going to mend their ways. They are stubborn for many reasons. That they judge themselves to be superior then others and does allow others views to over take their thought process. These people may not have the personal experience of the issue or the matter but try to pretend that they have gone through the matter very well. Those are people who try to press for their own version to be believed and does not agree to others even if they say the realty or the truth. It is better to keep away from such persons as they would so interested to change our mind towards them and try to agree with their tow of ideas and thus we also for a moment believe that they are right. Such people does not have faith on the system and try to over power with their thoughts.
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    This is one topic, I am about to raise. Happy that the author raised this topic. Stubborn people are in general ignorant. Being ignorant is understandable, but the stubborn people do not try to learn or listen to other people. They form certain ideas based on their own understanding. They do not budge an inch and have complete disregard for facts. Debating with such stubborn characters is futile. Such people are to be avoided. If anyone starts debating, they will also go down to their level.
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    Stubborn people lack sensitivity and would not go into the merit of your explanations. They would hardly bother your feelings and the facts raised by you. In such a case, making any arguement before them is useless and in other words you can say that it is the mere wastage of time and energy. It would be one way dialogue and hence indulgence with such persons is to be avoided so that you are not unnecessarily disturbed. In fact, they would not accept the other side of the arguement because they cannot have the full knowledge of the topic being discussed.

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    Every individual considers themselves as highly wise and intelligent than others, and such people always try to see others who try to prove themselves right and try to justify things as adamant and stubborn. If you feel that another person is stubborn, you should not go behind them. Just ignore and leave them. Never try to teach them. A stupid guy who can never be convinced can also think of the others as stubborn. One should try to understand others' point of argument and counter it by explaining them well. So that the person you consider as stubborn would accept your good explanation.

    When a person lacks knowledge and unable to counter with a duly justified explanation, he brands the other person as adamant, and stubborn.

    Also, how can a deaf and dumb call others as adamant or stubborn? This is what I have observed in my life.

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    Stubbornness is one of the few bad qualities of a human being. It is very common in children and it is also seen to a great extent that some children have the temperament of persistence and at times it also differs in nature. Some people, on being sensible, start to feel that stubbornness is not always a good habit and they also try to change themselves, but such intelligent people are very rare. As some authors say that everyone has stubborn nature and it is also true that every person has to be stubborn in his own way. If the effect of your stubbornness is limited to you, then it will be appropriate to some extent, but if someone's obstinacy is affecting others, then such people should give up their habit of persistence. The best way to handle such people is that persistence which is not appropriate, should not be accepted by anyone.

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    Some people are ready to hear others and accept their ideas. If they differ they will try to explain why they are differing. Such people are ready for amending their way if they feel that there is a real point in what others say. I am very happy to discuss with such people. I discuss my ideas with them and try to apply their views also and see that the best solution to the problem will emerge.
    But some people come with preconceived ideas and solutions. They come with the hope that everybody will buy their ideas. If somebody suggests some better idea also they never accept and they may not even hear what we are trying to tell them. It is like playing triumphant before a deaf man. Such people are very stubborn. It is a waste of time to discuss with such people. I have seen many such people. Even I have seen such people in my family members also. I try to avoid discussing with such people. I tell them they can choose their path and I will adapt my own way. Otherwise, we have to waste a lot of our time and energy on the discussion.

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    Swathi Sharma.
    You are absolutely right in saying "If the effect of your stubbornness is limited to you, then it will be appropriate to some extent, but if someone's obstinacy is affecting others, then such people should give up their habit of persistence."
    As long as you are not affected by others' stubbornness, we need not worry about that person, and continue with him and enjoy life. The moment you feel it is not safe with others' stubborn attitude that would be harmful or affect your life, leave him and let him be happy with his/her stubbornness.

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    Some people are by nature or habitually adamant and stubborn and will not to listen to any logic or even appreciate a correct thing mentioned by others. It is really difficult to manage these people. You can't lure them or distract also because ones they have taken a stand they will be clinging to it foolishly. I will also say that better do not confront with such people. It is a waste of time.
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    It is really difficult to deal with such people because they do not listen to others and have some pre-fixed idea about everything in this world. Anyway, let us try to understand some methods of taming these people and bring them to the main stream. First is that we have to listen them patiently (that itself is an arduous task) but we have to do it if we want to take water from the inside of a stone. After listening we have to cross question them without hurting them and then slowly bring them to a compromising formula for the issue discussed so far. If you advise one thing, they will come with something else and we have to convince them though their idea is better and supreme but the situation might not be a conducive one for that and it is better to do the thing in this way and later when situation changes we adopt to the ways that he had mentioned. So, it requires a lot of efforts to bring such persons in groove and this is the reason why many of us simply ignore them and do not go in their company. The worse part is that even after doing so much efforts we may not succeed in pursing them.
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