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    Why the performing person gets more brickbats?

    Either at home or office, we are after those performers who is trying to learn new things apart from doing his or her scheduled woks, often gets brickbats from others who expect that further more refined performance is expected. But in that process the person feel demotivated to the fact that when others are not even attempting and when others are shying away from their own task and responsibility that is not questioned but a person who makes extra effort to finish the process of work with much varied thoughts are being criticized for the sake of it.
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    Being an employee someone must not worried about indecent or harsh comments of his co-employees. Working diligently carves him a niche in his working environment. It elevates his status in the sight of his seniors and management as well. Nobody can harm him provided that he is performing his duties in the right manner.
    I don't understand how co-employees have so much time to throw brickbats on a hardworking employee, instead of focussing on their responsibilities. If the working environment is so much childish then the victim may access management to get it redressed.

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    Please stop pouring old wine into new bottles. It is not very difficult to put in new words and change the sentences but an author is expected to know whether the idea behind a thread has already been discussed, at least recently.

    Mohan, please check out this thread posted on the 11th of this month.

    **Members are requested not to post responses related to the thread. This thread is being kept open only to give a chance to the author to issue clarifications (not one-liners please) if any.

    'Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power'. -Lao Tzu

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