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    Why the Pakistan is down playing envoys visit to Kashmir?

    This is for the second time the Govt of India as been arranging the visit of some foreign envoys to Kashmir so that they can know and understand the first hand situation at the ground zero in Kashmir. I think no country in the past has taken such an initiative to create an international confidence on the new initiatives taken to bring further development to the Kashmir and India has down played Pakistan observation in the issue by not caring to its comments. Kashmir has become the international issue which needs to be understood to bring more normalcy.
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    It is not the question of Pakistan downplaying or accepting Foreign envoy's visit to the valley. The question is what the government is trying to prove. Let us not forget the huge wall that was constructed in Ahmedabad to hide the slums during Trump's visit to India. As for the proposed visit being organized by the external affairs ministry, there is nothing wrong if the public or even foreign nations doubt whether the envoys would be able to see what they actually want to see.
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    I think Pakistan will naturally have no interest to show that the Government of India is doing a good job. So there is nothing new to think about. Any country will do the same way. Nobody wants to project their enemy as a great man.
    These visits organised by the government will also serve no purpose in my opinion. No government wants to show the Foreign envoy their failures. They will definitely manage and try to project green patches only during their visit. Let us all hope that the lives of the people will improve and they themselves will come out openly and say that they are in a better position now. Then only we can say that the government achieved its goal.

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