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    Why not Mr.Antony for the top job in the Congress party?

    There is a problem in the Congress party, whose record of economic performance was a thousand times better than the present Modi Government. After all, it was only Shri Narasimha Rao, who reformed the entire economy. And he belonged to the Congress.

    However, the fruits of reforms do not reach the poorest of the poor. Dr. Manmohan Singh, the brilliant economist, did some course correction. But that was inadequate. Somehow or the other, Rahul Gandhi, who is very unfairly called " Pappu", has not been able to revitalize the party. Yet, there are others like Mr. Antony, the former Chief Minister of Kerala, with a clean record. He is quite the best person to take on Mr. Modi and all the ills of the present Government and the corruption in the BJP party that has used the foulest means to capture power in Karnataka and MP. Congress needs a good and credible face. Mr. Antony will be the ideal person for the job.

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    Sorry to say No to Antony. Though he is known as Mr. Clean, he is not that fit to replace Modi. He is not that bold and courageous like Modi to face the problem or solve the problems. He cannot overrule the Congress heads. He will also behave like MMS with the SG and RG the party supremos.
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    Mr Antony is never involved in any corrupt practices and a very clean politician unlike many other politicians of that party. He is a simple person and he is a taskmaster. He is like Lal Bahadur Sastry. He is the best candidate for the President post of the party. But many members of their party don't prefer him. Because for them it will be difficult to continue their activities in the party if he becomes the president. Another problem with Congress Party is that they want their President from Nehru's family only. They may accept somebody else as PM but not as their party chief. PV Narasimha Rao is from Congress. But unfortunately, that great personality's dead body is not allowed in Congress office. It is the fact and we all know that. Even someplace was not allotted in the country capital for the cremation of his body. At that time Congress party was in power but not any other party. This shows the nature of the party and the respect they give for the great people.
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    The author failed to understand one big factor that Congress party is the family party and only the Nehru clan be the chief of that party and nothing else is acceptable. No doubts Anthony is well informed and senior leader of the party but not loyal to the eyes of Nehru family and moreover if at all the baton need to be changed then Priyanka Gandhi is the best bet as we could see a resemblance to Indira Gandhi in her. So those who are outside the Gandhi family are not solicited nor have the support to lead.
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    The problem with congress party is very peculiar. They know that they do not have a good candidate in their main family now for leading the party and at the same time they do not want to give it to a non-family member. They are having a catch-22 situation. What to do and they are totally baffled and perplexed lots. They ruled the country for so many years but they have not inculcated a good leader within. So, whether it is Mr Antony or anyone else, it is a big problem for them to accept that person in place of the family member. They are suffering because of their own thinking.
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    One thing is very clearly emerging in Indian politics that the so called big party with over 130 years of existence is not able to have the permanent chief who can command the party to victory and this weakness gives the edge for the BJP to plan ahead and ruin Congress further. The Congress has to change its way of approach if wants to survive as th general elections are fast approaching and the rejig of party must be essential from the high command to the district levels of the party to have coordinated efforts.
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    This is an internal problem of the Congress party. They may be able to solve it shortly as many raised their voice for a change for good of the party. Priyanka Gandhi is a better choice. Rahul Gandhi is a very good man but somehow he failed to rise to the occasion coupled with the BJP propaganda. A clear picture mayemerge in another six months.
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    Congress is now losing its grip on the people of this country because of their adamancy to keep the family person only at the helm of the affairs. Public is realising that they are too selfish from that point of view and not bothered for the nation and its progress. Who will like such parties who do not allow anyone outside the family to take control of the party and lead it in a better way.
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    Members, I think the query put up for discussion is whether A K Antony would be a good choice for the post of President of the Congress party. Let us get to the point.
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    For me Anothony is not the right choice as he cannot have good understanding across the party cadre in the country and though he is the capable senior leader, the commanding nature is absent and what is the use of such party party leader who need s to be tough to take the onslaught of the ever growing BJP, When there are detractors in his own state and party, how he can be elevated to the high command post.
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    Congress party is at crossroads and all party veterans including Gandhi family which had been in the lead role for decades will have to decide while encompassing all-inclusive parameters to stay in the race. It's a very crucial time for Congress party which has been losing its ground under the feet for the last several years. Antony has an excellent track record in his political career on all levels. As a chief minister or as a cabinet minister he was hailed as the right person for the right job.
    If congress committee takes an amicable decision to elect him as the party leader, surely party will emerge with a new spirit because people want change. There is nothing wrong if Mrs Sonia Gandhi chooses him as their party president. I hope that the Congress party will revamp its foundations, particularly in South India.
    Farmer protest has changed the political panorama, especially, in northern India. People are coming out of communal maze they had been entangled for several years wherein. This saying is based on people's statements which they have uttered quite explicitly. It's the golden opportunity for Congress party to manoeuvre it.

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    Antony failed to manage his own state Kerala. However, he survived as an MP and managed to live in Delhi. He is not respected much by the SG and RG. He is not heard within the congress party. He cannot lead the party due to his inefficiency as a manager. The congress leaders from north will never allow the southern leader to be their party president or secretary.
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    Not only A.K. Antony but no one can stop the self destruction mode of Congress party at the present situation. Congress party should conduct some kind of elections to elect its president then only the correct opinion of the party cadre will come out. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the Congress party to face Mr. Modi in the next general elections. In a Democracy there should be a strong opposition which will be good for the nation. Otherwise, some other national party should replace the Congress party as the main opposition party.

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    Congress wants a damage control leader with popularity across the country and he must be loyal to the Gandhi family and though he may be a popular leader he cannot connect with all in the party.
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    I think none of us should be a mud-slinger against any political leader. Nobody is saint. We should keep a balance while discussing about them.
    I read an article about A.K.Antony and his closeness to Gandhi family.
    When Rahul Gandhi resigned from Party President Office, Sonia Gandhi opted for A.K.Antony to assume this office. Senior party leaders Ahmed Patel and Ghulam Nabi Azad, who have been tasked to look for a face outside the Gandhi family to lead the party, had asked Antony to take up the job but Antony informed Patel and Azad that "he has full respect for the Gandhi family but could not accept the post."

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