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    Are we becoming too much influenced by movies?

    Many Hindi movies have the song and dance in most of the scenes where they show some wedding or the other. Though I have not really attended any North Indian wedding, am told that song and dance is an integral part of most weddings in that part of the country. And that must be the reason why movies from such states reflect their culture and tradition.

    However, today, the situation has come one full circle. Bollywood has influenced Kollywood movies, that is the Tamil movie industry and thereby the marriages in Tamil Nadu. Today, the young couples, across most communities. prefer to have what is called "Sangeet", where the boy and the girl also dance to some music. There are professional event managers who arrange and manage the whole show. A small group of some 20 young guys and girls, most of whom are well known to the boy and the girl, dance together.

    While some fun is okay, are we not taking too many steps towards movie cultures, especially when the bill is reportedly Rs.45,000 or more? Is this not an avoidable expenditure. The rehearsals also take a big-time and the wedding has one more item of expenditure. Is this really required?
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    I think in earlier days people are not migrating as much as they are migrating these days. In 1980s Hyderabad was a city with only Hindi and Telugu speaking people. But today it is a cosmopolitan city with people from all over the country are coming and staying and settling here. Like this many people are moving to different parts of the country. That is making people know the culture and the fashions of people from other States. They never hesitate to adopt those activities if they feel they are interesting and good to them. There is no scarcity of money for many people. I say this is the main reason for these changes more than movies.
    Anyhow movies and social media is having its own role to play. Many people understand the procedures that are being adopted by other state people through these movies and social media. They will try to bring in those practices here also so that they will be identified in the lot. We see these changes more in cities than villages and towns.

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    I agree with the author that Hindi movies have influenced masses. Especially Punjabi culture where music and dance are the integral parts in Punjabi marriages. In Hindi movies their culture is picturised. Even in small towns music and dancing have become common. Liquor is also served. I totally dislike a bride is dancing on beats. Both bride and bridegroom are be seated on stage and people watch them or they can see them live on big screens.
    I don't fit myself in this ambience. I run away from there after having feast.

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