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    How do you maintain consistency?

    When we want to accomplish something or start something new, we need to maintain consistency and not lose our patience. The end result might be achieved very quickly or can be achieved very slow but we have to wait only to get the result and not drop off in the middle.
    Many successful people maintain the consistency in what they do and if once in a while they fall off the track they make sure to cover up with some extra efforts.
    Starting the new task or wanting to do something is not difficult but maintaining the pace and following the routine genuinely is very important which many people lack.

    For Eg: Many people join ISC to contribute effectively and will be regular in ISC but as time pass they loss their consistency and become irregular.

    How do you maintain your consistency and not give ISC journey and anything that you have started?
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    A very interstring thread has been submitted by the author for a discussion. The author's observation is largely true of some ISC members. It has been found that initially, people tend to have a more positive and diligent attitude towards their new work but with time it starts to decrease, another pattern of this is also seen that when a person starts work then it is believed that he/she will achieve very big achievements in that work, but even after working hard for a few days, if he/she does not get the desired result, then the hard work gets reduced by automatically due to lack of self-confidence.

    But when we have made a goal, we should keep striving continuously and we should not reduce or stop our consistency, because even if a negative result has come in the way of any goal, it does not mean that we stop trying. Constantly doing your work with positive dedication and consistency can only makes you a successful person.

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    We can divide the people into three classes. Some people never start work. They think they can't do or they think that is not required to them. They are the least interested in making a success. The next type of people will start the work but leave them in between thinking that they can't complete that work in time or they think that they don't have the required ability to complete the work. These people are also are not generally, successful in their lives. But the successful are the third type. They start the work and never leave them in between. They will try and find a way out to the problems they encounter during the execution of the work. They will find alternative ways and routes to reach their destinations in time. They will be always on constant move and learning spree. They never leave any stone unmoved for being successful. They are the best people in this world who will be treated as the A grade people. B grade people are those who start and leave in between and C grade people are those who never start a work.
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    Consistency is mandatory for any aspirant of success. I agree with the author that some people start their efforts consistently but on any turn they become dull. In this situation they need to rejuvenate their spirit and passion of achieving success.
    Being on ISC for a long period is not easy for everyone. I appreciate the members who have been a part of ISC for more or less ten years. It's a big part of their lives which they have dedicated to it.

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    Whenever we start a new work or review old work with new vigour the most important point that comes in picture is whether we will be able to do it consistently or not. Generally, what happens is that in many cases the initial euphoria soon vaporises and people stop pursuing the important task they had in their hands some time back. So, this problem dwells deep in the human nature and is commonly seen in our society. To cope up with these situations is not an easy task but there are determined and hard cored people who continue their work in spite of boredom or monotony. Consistency of work comes from persistent and continuous efforts made by the people in their lives. Everyone cannot be like that but one should try to reach that height where there is no negligence of the duties and responsibilities in shape of the assigned or self taken jobs.
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    Maintaining consistency is the important trait in any performer and that keeps him one step ahead among the other nearest competitor. What I feel that maintaining consistency is easy provided you have the niche and interest to contribute and that should be regular and daily. There is a tendency among the many that if they achieve some target or the hall mark they feel that they reached the zenith of the performance and try to slow down. What is the use of reaching the target and high performance and then sliding down. One thing is sure for me maintaining consistency is the foremost importance and I try to maintain the same. I see that average performance is registered daily so that consistency can be seen on the large canvas. And those who are consistent are the winners in their own world.
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    If you think too much about getting a quick result then you will be impatient and ultimately leave the task at hand midway. Reaching the goal and after that, setting a new goal is the way to progress. If we feel accomplished after reaching one target then there is always a chance to slow down and we won't be able to maintain consistency. We need to concentrate on the task that we are doing and we should not worry about what may happen if we are unable to complete the task. Thinking like this will have a demoralising effect and there will be no consistency. Whatever you are doing, whether it's your contribution here on this platform or your work at the office, you need to give your best and then only you will get the desired result. Even if you do to get the desired result, you need to concentrate on finding what went wrong in the middle because of which the outcome was different.

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    It's not easy to main consistency in any field. One has to be keep his/her cool and be patient to reach the end result. I remember when I joined ISC I was too much addicted with the site and used to participate of different sections and used to devote good time on the site but with the time I lost the interest may be because I was not earning much from it or not getting appreciation on the site . Within an year or so I became a diamond member here and won awards but then I lost an interest and left the site for at least 3-4 months but then again I thought that this site is just for a fun not to earn much. I realise that I should not expect much from the site in terms of money. I started participating again here and I have been consistent now a days and try to devote time here as per the availability.

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