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    Does the fuel price hike really affect the common man? Let us discuss.

    Dear All,
    This thread is to discuss whether the hike in fuel prices really affect the common man. I had been discussing it in a different thread. That thread was posted on 12 Feb and has completed only 5 days, but has been locked by the editor for reason known to him only. Hence I started a fresh thread to discuss the issue in detail.

    If a common man suffers, is it attributable to the government or the others?

    Let us discuss.
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    The fuel price hike will affect all the people. There are direct effects and indirect effects. I have to pay more for filling the fuel in my vehicle. That is a direct effect. The material charges will increase as they have to be transported for supplying us and for transportation we use vehicles and they require fuel and this transportation cost will be a part of the selling cost of the item. So I have to pay a little more for the product. This is an indirect increase.
    A person has to plan his expenses based on his resources and income levels. In earlier days many people in the villages and towns used to use bicycles. But now nobody in the town or village go by such cycles. Everyone uses their motorcycles only. When we see this, we feel they are not bothered about the cost. Probably they may be earning more by spending some money on this travel.
    One should see his purse before he decided on his expenditure. But I see nobody bothers about the money they are paying for the fuel to their vehicles. When we see such people we feel that they will not stop using vehicles instead of a fuel price hike.

    always confident

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