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    The trend of current affairs questions asked in exams.

    Nowadays, in every exam, some marks are already decided for current affairs, meaning that it is given in the syllabus of the exam that the questions of national and international current affairs will be asked in the examination. By the way, no definite numbers are given about the total of these questions, then it goes on assuming that if there is a paper of 100 marks, which is in objective type, then 15 to 20 questions out of 100 can be asked from the current affair.

    Now if I talk about the student, for preparing any exam, he/she start preparing on the basis of their respective syllabus. But in other subjects, it is possible to limit the syllabus to some extent. But if we talk about national and international current affairs then no syllabus can be given.

    Not only this, many times any incident, which happened 2 years ago, is also asked in the exam with the current affair. Current affairs in general form mean the events that have happened around the world, last 6 months to 1 year. In case of some major incident, it may be one and a half years. But in many examinations, it is seen that there is no fixed pattern of current.

    It has been seen many times that students work hard for current affairs more than the other subjects. Should some changes apply in the pattern of current affairs questions? Such as dividing them into further subsections. Or do you feel that the pattern which is followed till now, that is fine?

    Please discuss.
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    Current affairs and General Knowledge can't be limited to the syllabus. Those will be used to test the candidate's general awareness and interest to know what is happening around him in the world. Many times the international happenings will have a big say in the society. So one should be in touch with these issues. For some professions, this is very important. That is why a part of the question paper will have some questions on these subjects. This requires no special preparation if you are an observant and in touch with the daily events in and around the world.
    It is not like other subjects to get prepared and write the examination. It is only to test how much you are aware of the social circumstances in the nation.

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    It is the fact that students are giving less importance to current affairs and general knowledge stating that on the day of exam what ever is happening would be asked. But Indian politics and India social media is giving lots on inputs of current affairs and that turn out be must ask question for the examiner. So students must keep in touch with the current happenings across the country so that some marks can be obtained without much hard work and remaining marks can be had from short answers and objective type questions. This way the planning for passing out the subject becomes easy.
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