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    For Kind Attention of Web Masters of ISC

    Dear Webmasters,
    For your kind attention and response. It is observed that Editors are locking the threads without any valid reason.
    A thread can be locked/deleted if it is considered irrelevant for the discussion.
    A thread can be locked if the thread leads to a fight or quarrel.
    A thread can be locked if it is against the ISC policy.
    A thread can be locked/deleted if the author used indecent, absurd, foul, abusive language.
    A thread can be locked if it is 10 days old. (Generally, it is not locked by the editors allowing the newbies to respond to those threads. A job of editors not performed )

    My question is - Why should an active thread of important discussion be locked within 5 days after its birth.
    Does it affect ISC anyway?
    Does it affect the members?
    Does it affect the Editors?
    Why can't a perfect and clean thread be left open to complete its full authorized period of 10 days?
    Recently, a thread of Mr. ABS on fuel hike which was discussed well got locked after 5 days without any valid reason for locking.
    I wish to get a convincing response from the concerned WebMasters.
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    In my capacity as the Managing Editor, I am answering on behalf of the Webmasters. Tony Sir had stated, "Editors may choose to lock a thread if a discussion is going wild or they feel another reason to stop that discussion". Refer to this thread. So, editors can lock threads for multiple valid reasons, including if there is too much senseless repetition of views, earlier related discussions on the same thing, the discussion reaching saturation point, the thread going off-track, etc.

    Secondly, refer to the image below which is a screenshot of the text of the General Terms that appears when we raise a thread.

    You have raised this question a couple of times earlier, too. Please do not raise this query again.

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