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    Increasing accident due to bus driver's negligence.

    More than half of the people of our country still travel in buses, the government also knows this very well. While the condition of most buses is quite poor, the fare charged includes only one travel from one place to another. No other facilities are provided in this fare.

    It is okay if the government cannot provide other facilities during travel in the same fare but at least it should be the guarantee for a safe journey.

    But the condition is so bad that a bus trip is frightening to the families. Yesterday, a bus accident occurred in Madhya Pradesh, due to which the bus was drowned in the canal due to the negligence of the driver. There were about 50 passengers, including innocent children. Out of which 47 passengers lost their lives and those who survived told that the driver was taking the bus through the wrong route for shortcuts in his insistence and then this accident happened.

    Many such accidents happen, many times drivers drive buses after drinking.
    Is the knowledge of driving should be the only parameter, for choosing a driver?
    Shouldn't a driver be a responsible person, who has the responsibility of all passengers?

    Negligence is not justified to be called a tragic event. Such accidents are not only a matter of sorrow but also a matter of concern and the government needs to be strict in this matter.
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    It is a very unfortunate case where the bus driver has taken away the lives of 47 odd commuters due to the sheer negligence of the driver. Either he was over confident taking the wrong side of the rout thinking that this would not create any problem. Such a wrong judgment of the drivers are due to their confidence since they have been doing such a wrong practice innumerable times. Moreover, they have been seen with the heavy dose of alcohol while driving for the long rout. Under the state of alcoholism, they loose control and they can face the judgement error.
    The solution lies in checking their status to know whether they are under the state of alcoholism or not. This can be examined by the traffic police while on rout. The defaulters should be punished accordingly so that zero accident occurs.

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    It is very sad to hear about an accident of a bus in which about 47 persons died. Many of the accidents happen due to the negligence of the driver only. There is a general saying which says accidents will not happen but they are caused.
    Many accidents either road accidents or any other accident without a human interface this will not happen. In many cases, the negligence of the human being will be the reason.
    The condition of many RTC buses in many states that too which run for a short distance and passenger buses is very bad. I have seen many buses in both the Telugu States. Their condition will be very bad only. But the authorities never take care of maintaining such buses and see that the passengers travelling in those buses are not at risk. Added to this the carelessness of the drivers play havoc and innocent people will lose their lives.
    Erring drivers should be punished. They should maintain a record of each driver and if any driver is found to be careless and not doing his duties properly should be terminated without any mercy. Then only the accidents may come down.

    always confident

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    The driver's job is very responsible one and even a single mistake by him can make the life of so many people at stake. Most of these drivers are from financially low class families and are struggling to earn money for the progress of their families. Their job is mostly outstation job and full of strenuous duty. Sometimes they err in their work and then the accidents happen. There are some drivers who fall in bad company and start drinking and then the unfortunate chances of accidents increase manyfold. These types should be punished for such drinking while driving so that others should fear to do so.
    Knowledge is power.

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    In variably we come across the gruesome bus accidents often and most f the mishap takes place during the wee hours that is between 3 am to 6 am. During these hours any person would get the jerk of the sleep and that is the reason being so the lorry drivers on highways would rest their vehicles near a Dhaba, eat and sleep till the Sun rises in the morning. That short nap is enough to carry on the whole day driving all along. What I have watched and experienced that the long route bus drivers are given the short running time and they need to cope up the distance with speed and no stops. And most of the buses does not have the stand by driver and I have even seen that the conductor turns as the stand by driver if the main driver wants to sleep for a while. Surely the accidents are going to happen in such cases.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It's sad to know about this horrible accident. Whoever is responsible should be arrested by police. We have become so much habitual of reading news of accidents, rapes and murders that many of us move forward without reading the entire news content of such accidents.

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    A very sad and bad news. Accidents happen every minute. It is the destiny of the passengers to meet with an accident to get injured or die. Whatever has to happen will happen. Even efficient and disciplined drivers meet with accidents, and accidents are taking place in broad roads in daylight hours. One's destiny cannot be erased or rewritten. We will have to bear it. Many such accidents doesn't come to light.
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