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    More ads are appearing in ISC pages, are we benefited?

    The appearance of ads in ISC pages has increased in recent past. The banner ads, the ads appearing in between the contents ,the ads appearing in concealed way just beside this writing box, the ads appearing on the down and the ads appearing as the transparent in the middle while choosing a new thread. All these are authorized and we have been coming across every page. Is that mean the earning potential of each adsense registered member has been increased. The concerned webmaster or editor should throw some light on this matter.
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    No, K Mohan. An increase in the number of ads does not necessarily translate into more earnings for members.
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    Vandana you made an interesting observation which needs to be discussed.
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    As far as my understanding goes the number of ads do not transform in more earnings. The earnings have a direct connection or link with the number of views a page gets. The traffic to a page is the crucial thing because that only tells that so many people had viewed the ads available on that page. Even a small time at a page is excluded from the real views because if a person has not stayed on a page for some minimum time how can we assume that he had seen the ads. The calculation of effective page views and rate of ads and all other concepts behind revenue generations are based on some solid logic and until there is an organic traffic (real traffic without any individual effort to request people to come and view one's work) on the page it is difficult to earn a significant amount. Another thing is nowadays the ad rates are changing and are actually dynamic in nature and are based on the quotes given by the companies and vary much from one day to another and that also makes a considerable change in page earnings.
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