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    Our shadow is the witness for our misdeeds

    Some people argue that they have not committed any misdeeds and even challenge to prove in the public if found guilty. In fact we are forgetting that everyone is followed by his or her own shadow which turns as the witness and silent spectator of all the misdeeds that were carried on clandestinely. The courts also seek the witness and proof for having done the misdeed but fail to take note that the convict or the accused shadow is the big proof and witness of what has transpired and happened on that day. Do you agree ?
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    This is a very interesting observation by the author. It is said that the person who does something wrong leaves something behind by which he can be caught. The person may be very intelligent and must have done his actions in a most cautious and careful manner but there are subtle things which will tell the story to the critical observers. Probably author might have used the word 'Shadow' for this background information which is derived to find out the truth in each case. It is also said that even the most intelligent person on Earth has a foolish corner embedded in it. So that foolish corner is the 'Shadow'.
    Knowledge is power.

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    But shadow leaves you in darkness or shade or under a sheltered place? Just kidding.
    I know that author is taking shadow as a witness metaphorically.
    I doubt if anybody has ever claimed to not have committed any crime in his whole life. If you see somebody claims, he is a big liar.
    However, our conscience is always with us which shakes and jerks our inner soul and mind before committing any crime. If we do not hear the silent voice of our conscience, then it refrains from warning us further. And we no more feel shame or hesitation while doing misdeeds or sins. We don't mind to cheat our friends, relatives or even siblings.
    I think we should listen to what our conscience speaks to us. It is the best judge and a guide for us which decides what is good for us and what is bad.

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    If the wrong done was not intentional then the feel would be intense.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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