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    You need not be rich to be kind

    Anybody can be kind but not everyone are kind. Usually, the poor is more kind than the rich. A rich person is always greedy and wants to make more money or hardly helps someone but a poor person will help as much as he can.

    Today I observed an incident were a small boy who must be around 12 years sitting near a small shop. I could easily tell that the boy belonged to a poor family who were staying near the construction place. A old man handed him a biscuit packet and the boy appeared to be very happy. He went to the construction place, showed the biscuit to his mom and came back near the shop and opened to eat. On seeing the boy eating biscuits, 2 dogs came towards him. The boy started giving the biscuits even to the dog and went away after finishing the pack.

    After seeing this, I was really shocked. I kept thinking why would he give to dog when he could have had it. But then I realized that it was his kindness towards others that made him share. I understood, to be kind one need not be rich and have money. Anyone can be kind and show it every one which eventually gives us a sense of satisfaction.
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    The author has shared a wonderful trait of a young boy who believes in sharing brings more happiness and not be selfish, And the way the dogs came running for the biscuits show that he was continuing with his kindness show to the animals even at the cost of his likeness to the biscuits, Here two lessons can be learned that those who are good and has the mentality to help others would get the help of reach out automatically because the care and kindness is related to each other giving and taking The second lesson what we could learn that the age is no bar for thinking right and straight in this case the boy was so young and he could have kept the biscuits for his later eats but shared the same immediately because for him the personal satisfaction of feeding the dog must have got more e over joyed than eating self.
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    When children see their parents or elders showing kindness to needy people they also learn kind act and when they grow up they come forward to do charity and participate in such activities.
    Yesterday, coincidently, a thought came to my mind when I saw a big villa, its main building is at a distance from the main gate which always remains closed for strangers. I compared this big villa to small homes of common people who earn their bread and butter by working hard as a small shopkeeper or labourer or driver and kind of menial jobs. Their homes are not locked from inside, mostly are shut only. Beggars come in these streets for begging. Women give money to their children and ask them to give it to beggars. This small act of charity places value and importance of charity in their heart. This is training for these children on how to become humane in days to come.
    Wealthy people also give charity in thousands and lacs but their main aim is to gain popularity as well as an exemption in taxes. However, I don't generalise it too.

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    Very correct. One should be rich at the heart. I have seen some rich people we store their excess food in the cold so that they can eat the same the next day.
    I know a family where only the wife and husband stay. Their only child was away in another country. He is the Managing Director of a company and she is also a director of the company. But they never give a single piece of roti to the servant maid. Whatever material is left they keep in the refrigerator and eat the next day.
    Irrespective of our financial position if somebody is hungry we should try to give them some food. We offer raw rice to the beggars who come and ask for.
    Some children will have more maturity and they understand the problems of others much better than many elders. Many times we see some children helping the old people on the streets also. Probably they are understanding the problems better due to the training they are getting from their elders or they may be observing their elders.

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    What you said exactly correct. The never want to spend. They are misers and greedy in saving money. I have seen many rich people who don't even spent money for their own luxuries. My husband always says ,"Yes, you have to be stingy like then if you want to save money". I was surprised with such behaviour because if they don't want to spend on enjoying their own life, what is the use of keeping money.

    I think money is just an ornament of prestige for such people.

    When it comes to your question, being rich or being kind are totally two different aspects. Even rich people are also kind and they can help the poor financially. Poor are also kind who can help in other possible ways if not only money.

    Being kind has nothing to do with being rich. Let's be kind and humane to help each other for happy lives.

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    It is the fact that the rich doesn't have rich hearts like the poor. I read a news of an old beggar lady who had donated Rs. 1,00,000/- (one lakh) for Annadhaan in a temple. It is from her life long saving from her begging profession. There are very few rich who are kind hearted towards the poor, and many rich are utterly misers. They don't even drive the crows with their eating hand.
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    The author is right that you don't need to be rich to be kind. It is also true that poor people are not kind and humble to others. They show a great degree of care and affection towards other people and animals. What a rich can't do a poor can do with his or her act of kindness. Being rich is not bad but it takes a lot of courage to be kind to others and help the needy. Usually, it has been found that rich people are more self-centred and little care about others.
    However, this can't be true of every rich person. Poor people feel more pain when they see anybody in need because they already have experienced difficulties and it becomes easy for them to comprehend the suffering of others. That is why poor people are more kind to people than the rich.

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