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    Kerala and Tamil Nadu are totally different

    After making one atrocity after another, after refusing to even give States their rightful share of their GST dues and after the best significant achievement of pricing petrol at over Rs.90/-, our PM recently visited both Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The GobackModi on Twitter had record hits. And why not? The people of both States are never sold on the worst communal agenda of the BJP.

    Yes, the PM came to inaugurate new projects that were completed. But these projects were already under implementation. It is not something that he can boast of. The BJP record of doing something solid in Tamil Nadu is a big zero. People of Kerala and Tamil Nadu can never be fooled with the communal talk. The States with the highest literacy rates and ever-declining birth rates will never vote for the BJP.

    Modi is never welcome here. But his hold over the Hindi speaking states may be enough for him to keep going. What is your opinion?
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    Sorry. Please read atrocious guy. Am unable to edit the mistake as my cell is not working properly.

    {The portion in question has been deleted totally. Reference to the so-called atrocious guy was totally irrelevant to the thread and unwarranted. -Editor}

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    I don't understand why the author is hell bent to criticize the present central government. Each and every thread he creates is to talk ill about the government. It is not a good trait. The author needs to change his attitude and bring out the facts and good deeds of the government. While most ISCians are happy with the present government, only this particular author is anti-government. Can the author talk anything good about the Pappu he follows.
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    BJP is not having much hold in South India. Only in Karnataka and to some extent in Telangana, that party is having some hold. But not in the other Southern States. There is no chance for them to come into power in these States. But in these southern States, no other national party is strong. Only regional parties are in power. So they can't get any chance to rule in the centre. BJP is strong in many Hindi speaking States and its influence in those States giving the party majority. So there may not be any problem for BJP.
    Coming to the point of governance the author came out with many threads where he scolded PM and other ministers in almost all those threads. But all the people may not accept his statements and ideas. of course opinions differ.

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    The author has been time and again criticizing BJP and branding it as communal party and even defaming the PM Modi in his choicest words. But the fact is that if BJP is communal then all the parties are also communal as they stand with one religion or the other and try to bank on their votes. Coming to the point that Modi govt has done nothing to TN and Kerala is the absurd allegation from the author. That every state program has the central contributions and the states take credit as if it has initiated. The recent larges farmers reach out announced by Palaniswamy govt has the central govt share. And the covid eradication program was not followed by Kerala and suffered the surge of cases in recent past. If the regional govts does not cooperate then why should the center help those states. But even then no partiality shown.
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    I think the author could express his anger against the Prime Minister or BJP in a decent way. I disagree to the style of expressing his views.

    Indeed, Kerala has the highest literacy rate in the country but it does not mean that north Indians are ignorant to judge what is best for them. I accept BJP has stronghold in the northern part of India but it has a foothold in South India as well. Which party of the south even has a foothold in north India?
    All political parties are regional parties except BJP and Congress, although communist parties have some space in the north though, but they don't have large supporters.
    BJP is now in Karnataka. It is trying to expand in other southern states also. What is wrong with it? Whether you vote for it or not is your personal matter but you can't stop any party to contest elections.

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    In some of the Southern states the local parties had good hold since quite some time and even during the congress regime they had that hold. It is not a new thing. In fact after the BJP sweeping power in the country the local parties are slightly weakened in these Southern states due to obvious reasons. In many states the local leadership are a bit worried seeing the popularity of BJP increasing day by day. Politics is a game of diplomacy and shrewdness used in correct proportions and if the local leaders keep the public happy by giving whatever free they want, BJP would not get a chance to enter there. In my perception, the local leaders are expert in managing the aspirations of local people and till the time they can maintain it there is no threat to them from BJP.
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    Sivakumar, I agree that Tamil Nadu and Kerala has still kept the BJP at bay but to assert that they will not be able to make inroads is, least to say, politically incorrect. You seem to have neglected the states where the BJP has either clinched or shared power despite not being able to make the required numbers. Politics has now become a strategical game. It no longer depends on whom the voters choose. The power game is almost like a Rubik's Cube. The one who plays it well gets all the colours right.

    While I agree that the communal card played by the BJP could not create ripples down South, we need to be ready to accept a change sooner or later. Leave Kerala aside for the time being and take the case of Tamil Nadu. Is the political scenario in the state predictable? With Sasikala coming out of the jail (note the reception she received) and the power the centre holds to expunge her of all the financial irregularities and other crimes, and with Panneerselvam having a soft corner for her and some anger against E Palaniswamy, the scenario is quite set for the shrewd BJP brains to plough the field and sow the seeds. In addition, there is the well-known expectation and liking of the majority of the people from the state for freebies; with lots of fund in hand, the BJP would not leave any stone unturned to lure the voters. So, let us not be so assertive. The BJP is one party that has proved time and again that it can turn the tables around, by hook or by crook.

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    The very fact that the opposition parties and a major section of media is sticking on the farmers agitation as if it is the last opportunity for them to dislodge Modi led government is enough to show that Modi has got such an enormous support from people all over India. The public, other than die-hard party cadres are not happy with the gimmicks done in the name of farmers agitation.

    The situation in TN and Kerala till now was that they were alternating between the two major fronts and had never seen any viable credible third alternative. So they were always compelled to choose one from the two ever.

    It is now that the people are realising that BJP/NDA can also be a credible alternative even in states. But the problem in TN, Kerala and W Bengal was, the people had to take political sides and umbrage as everything there stood politicised. So the people were forced to side or show support with either of the political fronts, to gain their interests or in some places, even to ensure their physical safety.

    This is now slowly changing and people are getting more courage to express that they are dissatisfied with the two prominent front and are ready to give chance to BJP/NDA.
    It may take a few more years for BJP/NDA to come to power in TN, Kerala. If W Bengal elects BJP to rule that will encourage the two southern states too and speed up BJP's chance there.

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    By the way why the voters should not bring the BJP to the power in TN and Kerala for first time and test their governance which should be different from the routines what we have seen. Without knowing the potentiality of a person or the party we should not arrive at the conclusion that they are bad elements and does not suit for the state politics. BJP has been slowly and steadily proving to be only party which can give the stable governance at the state and center and therefore the voters of these two states must deviate from their present set mind and give a chance for the BJP to prove. Therefore it is wrong to down play and degrade the entry of BJP in two southern states. The more the opposition and the critics are undermining the ability of BJP , that party has becoming more stronger than the past.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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