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    Realising the harsh realities of the world earlier in our lives

    In the student life we are dependent on parents and are provided education and other facilities as per the financial conditions of our parents. Sometimes we demand from them something which they cannot afford and we become angry or dissatisfied on that aspect. It is only in the later age when we start earning ourselves and understand the value of money in our lives that we realise as how our parents were taking care of us and doing so much for us which is of course is unforgettable. When we struggle hard in our lives then only we start understanding as how tough this world is and what are the harsh realities of our lives. Would it had not been better if our parents had told us these things during our childhood itself and exposed us to the dignity of labour and made us understand the value of money instead of pampering and overfeeding us? What are your views on this? Please share.
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    Parents don't let their children see the negative aspect of life which may leave a negative impact on their innocent mind. They always want them to glance at a positive aspect because of their love and pampering. When the children grow up and begin to understand all aspects of life they learn how to deal with them. If parents start showing or realising them negative aspects of life also, most probably, their growth will be affected negatively. This is why parents keep them away from the realities of life. We have read about Gautam Budha, who as Siddhartha, the prince, was kept away from all negative realities of life but when he experienced harsh realities he was utterly changed, he left home stealthily and became Budha.

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    Every parent wants their children to be well educated so that they will have a good career and will have a happy life. For that, they try their best and see that their children will concentrate on studies. Many times the parents will correct their children if they are going on the wrong path. If they don't correct them when they are doing wrong, they will get spoiled and their life may become harder.
    Parents or grandparents should try to educate the children by telling them various stories where they get good information about the realities of life. How Rama suffered in obeying the words if his father. How the king's son got converted to Gautam Buddha and what made him change like this etc. should be described to them so that they will understand the realities of life. But these days parents are not having much time to spend with their children. They will be busy and the children will be busy in passing time with mobiles.

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    Actually, the realization part develops a bit later. It may not be possible to realize everything by children but they should be given examples through various stories depicting different aspects of lives. During my school days, there was a subject named Moral Science that has many real-life stories and from that, we learnt how one should behave in different situations. Though the focus was more on certain moral values there were also many stories dealing with the struggle of people to stick with moral values. For example, not to steal under any circumstance was nicely described through a tale. Parents pamper children but they also make the children realize the value of things. When children begin to realize they start behaving more responsibly.

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    Parents always try to developed their Children by supporting them with in their capacity. But the children does not understand always the financial capacity of their Parents. As at present days there are various entertaining Private Educational center and there might an affect on the Child regarding their status or bad luck. A a Child they can not understand this. But in the other side all the Parents can not always effort it. In the past days there were not such developed educated fields but there were also a bits of private schools. Parents whose birth was in 1960 ,s to 70, have seen many changes rounding us .They can understand the situation of a child in that time. And I think they were much better learner than a to-days child. They always obey their Teachers, Parents and Elders and they were satisfied with a little things. Now the situation is totally different and they become over smart in most of the fields except morality. Hence , Parents are always in right place, this only understand by the child when they become a Patent only.
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