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    Along with resources, proper management is also necessary

    Merely having the resources to achieve something is not enough. Managing those resources in the correct manner is what is crucial to completing the task and achieving a goal.

    Some people often complain that they lacked sufficient resources and that is why their work was not as successful as they wanted it to be. But there are also some people who have all the resources but do not manage the resources properly and hence even then they are not able to succeed.

    Many times we have seen, for example, some children provided with all the resources from their family which also helps them in good studies, such as good tuition, all kind of books, a study table and other accessories for studies and nowadays laptops are also provided to the children so that the child should not be left behind. Yet there is no guarantee that the child will be on the top among students with these facilities and resources. On the other hand, there are some who have lack resources as well as lack of time to study, but still, they bring such good results.

    The availability of resources is necessary, this is true, but it does not mean that low resources will be a hindrance to your success. For success, you should manage resources properly.
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    Having resources will never ensure your good results. But how they are utilised is the important point. You may have a good book with you. But if you never open the same and read it what will be the use of having the book. Some people use less water but clean their hands and feet very nicely. But some people pour a lot of water on their feet but never ensure that their feet are completely got cleaned. All depends on the individual's ability and understanding of utilising the available resources.
    Time and resources are very important for any work. Same are required for better education also. Parents can provide all the resources required and even can guide them in utilising the available resources effectively. But the children should care for the words of their parents and respect their words . You can drive a horse to the pond but you can't make it to drink the water.

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    Substantial resources are necessary for a student to get success,. Well-off parents don't have any problem to provide all essential resources for their issues to succeed. But many parents don't find capability to furnish necessary resources for their wards, nevertheless, these students succeed. It's intelligence which singles them out. Intelligence is the most important quality which
    can excel a student despite not having vital resources. Every students needs to realise the importance of consistency in study and usage of their time meticulously. They should not waste their time which many students are doing unrestrainedly. This habit of theirs is detrimental for their career. Parents have this responsibility to keep their eyes on their wrong activities also besides providing them all facilities.

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    Truly said by the author that some states are back ward no matter they have huge natural resources but they are not tapped to the potential and therefore stay backward. Resuources need to be channeled for proper management and those states are the winners which are thriving on coal deposits in their state and that is transported to the thermal stations acorss the country. Telangana is rich in coal deposits and here coal mines are working overtime to fetch profits and that is shared between the employees as the bonus and that proves that TS has been using the natural resources to full.
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    There is no reluctance in wealth, many people keep more wealth than necessary, wealth is the most important thing for everyone. But the above threat related to to a seperate wealth means brain or merits which is God gifted. Money cannot buy a brain. So the brain do the things with out adequate support of wealth in the form of tution, books, paper etc. You can see it in your mahalla also. The poor student going to school, govt providing free meal at school, free books and other minimum support for the study. You can see them in the JE merit list and also doing MBBS course also. Hence I agree with the view of the Author. Thanks.
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    Resources are important as they are the basic constituents of any process or action. Without resource we are surely handicapped and cannot move ahead. So, any business or manufacturing process or even activity by an individual we first check our resources before starting any project or activity. The project has to give certain deliverables and if it is not managed and monitored properly as per the micro plans at various stages and its elements, then the chances of the plan getting successfully executed becomes a matter of great doubt. A good manager is well aware of these things and would try his best to address these aspects.
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