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    Luck is just a sugar-coating; never depend on it for success

    I was amazed to read an advertisement in a Tamil magazine promising "advice" on lucky stones. That is, the guy will become very lucky if he wears a necklace or a bracelet or a ring with that stone. It applies to women too.

    This is the height of nonsense. Every single individual in this world who has made a big success in his or her life has always worked so hard for as much as 16 hours per day. For example, the current legend called Ravichandran Aswin has come to this present position only because of his sheer hard work and dedication and willingness to contribute to a cause; it is not because of luck. He might had a bit of luck but that does not take away all the merit. This is as stupid as saying that the legend called Tendulkar hit all his centuries through luck.

    The owner of the milky-mist brand, that is now giving a very tough fight to the likes of Anil in several markets has achieved his success only because he has worked so hard at devising every single strategy to succeed in a competitive market; he has used the most advanced technologies for producing consistently high-quality products.

    The Annapoorna hotel chain has been growing by leaps and bounds in Coimbatore city, only because they have stuck to the highest quality of food. The rest, as they say, is history.

    Never ever believe luck. Believe in yourself and your abilities and capabilities. Success will come to you only after hard work. Luck may sometimes smile on you like a sugar coating but it is just that. Give this message to everyone around you.
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    Sincere efforts with the help of best of abilities and well chalked-out planning mostly results in success, but on another side, luck has its own reality and significance. The negation of either will bring success or depression for a struggler. The author has utterly negated the significance of luck. I disagree with the author. Belief in luck consoles a person if he does not find success despite all his positive efforts. Belief in luck consoles him and keeps his spirit and hope alive. He takes another chance to succeed. He stands again to face all challenges and gets mentally prepared to defeat them, this spirit leads him, eventually, to success. But those who don't believe in luck, they focus on their flaws and lapses which increase tension or depression, they generally, commit suicide.

    We need to keep a balance between efforts and belief in luck. Merely believing in luck doesn't bring any success until positive steps are taken to get success.

    However, believing in stones that these stones or amulets or beads can change your destiny or bring you success without doing any efforts is merely superstition and superstition is foolishness. I apologise to those who believe in superstitions. This is their personal life and I don't intend to hurt them. This is my opinion which I have put before them.

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    These are all superstitions and business people are trying to encash the weakness of the people. If by wearing a particular stone a person becomes successful means everybody will wear that. But without your sincere efforts and hard work you can't be successful. Instead of wasting time on these ideas, if we utilise our time on working hard towards achieving the goal chances of success will enhance.
    Luck may come to you in some form or other but you can't sit and wait for the luck to come to you. You should always work with open eyes so that whatever chances come your way will be utilised properly and see that those chances will be converted to realities.
    There is no substitute for hard work. Whether it is Ashwin or Tendulkar or Dravid, whoever it is, they became legends as they put their hearts on their play and worked hard to see that they can perform well. Everyone should take them as their role models and work hard to attain success.

    always confident

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    Luck is also a factors in life for some people but not for all . You can see in case of Lottery ticket , that first prize of Rs.2.50 Crore winner is your Driver, have you seen it? I have seen it. So the person who have achieve the top success in life must do hard worked along with the blessing of God only, and this blessing you can treat as your luck. But by wearing some rings can not become lucky. This is the business of the Astrologer and businessmen. Who can concentrate towards his aim with active participation and hardworking will always achieve the success. Those who can not be treated as unlucky.
    Believe in the existence of God the super power.

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    Luck, chance, and destiny are the words coined by some scholars only to assure a person that sometimes they may be benefited without doing the necessary hard work for attaining a goal. So the concept is very popular in this world that nothing happens if it is not destined. There are numerous business models in the world which are thriving on these factors and also assure the users that by doing a certain activity, however foolish it may appear, one would be benefited materially in this world. Faith and belief is such a thing that you cannot convince a person against that belief and conviction. Most of the people take credit when they succeed and blame luck when they fail. It is ridiculous to do that. Actually the correct way is to thank luck when one gets success and blame oneself when one fails. That would be a modest way to honour the destiny.
    Knowledge is power.

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    Though we are hard-working, good planners, have the guts to face the challenges and moments that ask for special attention, still, we lag behind for one reason that luck is not favouring. Take anything in our life, the legacy of achieving success is not that easy and when what we think is not happening it creates a series of setbacks that hampers the very performance.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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