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    Where is the room for childhood now a days?

    Is it really essential to start teaching a child the basics like alphabets and numbers even before he/she begins to walk? What is the necessity for formal learning in a classroom or at home at far too early an age? Share your views on this very relevant topic.

    I feel that the children are not enjoying their childhood, as parents and society impose learning from an early age. It is shocking to know that parents start educating their children from as early an age as 18 months.

    Recently, I spoke to someone from an online preschool program and I said my son is two years and three months old. He said to me, "I suppose he must be able to identify the alphabets and number by now". No! I have not even started teaching him any of these things, but the person I spoke to said that it's already late for my child to learn these things. My husband says that he is not going to send our son to school till he is 4 years old as he did.

    Till now I was thinking the life of a toddler is the happiest life ever but now looking at the way things are, they seem to have many duties imposed on them at an early age. So what is childhood for them? Is childhood the time only when a child is in the mother's womb free from any duties?!

    Do you all agree that the children must be educated from a very early age?
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    A child need not start going to school from 2nd year itself. I think he can be sent to playschool at the age of 4 only. As per the norms also a child should be admitted to the school only after he completes hid 5th year. He can be directly put into class 1. That is the best way.
    But these days parents are not having free time to take care of their children and they have their own problems. Both the parents may be attending the jobs. So they feel it is better to send the children to schools at an early age itself. One parent starts sending, the other parent also starts sending their child. That is how it is happening.
    These are all due to the fastness in our life. We started running and we never walk. We want our children also to follow the same pattern. This is only making the lives of the children also miserable.
    I started going to school in my 5th year and my sons also went to school in their 5th year only. But now the trend is different.

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    As soon as the child is born the next task for the new parents is to how to nurture and how quick the education should start no matter they want to spend on the play school, day care and then to the regular schools to the nursery and above. New couples never take time to play with the small child and thus the childhood takes to the beating because all the best moments are lost and not recorded. And before enjoying the goodness of the first child the mother would be on her way to second pregnancy and thus first child would lose the relevance and childhood not enjoyed for full
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    Since private schools are founded for earning money and money only. How to earn more money is the most important question for big businessmen. Play-school is the part of this scheme. They want to attract their customers by attractive packages. The author appears to be obfuscated because she got an unexpected reply from school.
    I don't think that it is very necessary to send small children to play-schools Three years child may be taught alphabets at home and when he/she is four years old, then, may be admitted in school.

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    The education of a child today starts at a tender age of 3 years when it is sent to nursery classes. Some people may feel that it is too early but the fact of our life is that today the educational pursuits and career planning has become so much competitive and parents are too busy with their own careers that there is no alternative than sending the tiny tots to schools at such a tender age. It may not be a need in many cases but we do not have any option. We have to engage the child. For parents also it is difficult to engage him in the house as he or she will simply do all sorts of hue and cry. Even if we do not admit him in nursery we have to admit him in some day care place. So this is nothing but an offshoot of modern life and I do not think we have any alternative right now.
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    Children are getting an education at an early age day by day. Earlier, children used to start to get their education at the age of 5 or more. But, today children are got admitted to school at the age of 2 years. As husband and wife both are working so nobody is there to take care of their children that's why they think it's better to send school. But, we are indeed wasting childhood by imposing early learning rule. I think we should send our children playschool at the age of 3 years so that children should overall development.

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    It is sad but is the fact everywhere.
    Now, there has been promotional advertisement that the early age students can also learn "coding". I do not know what we are up to.

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    Education is necessary and essential to life but sadly we have started seeing it as an investment tool. People invest their hard earned money on these preschools and think they are making their kids smart and future ready. A kid needs to become a happy kid only and for doing this you have to invest your time not your money.

    Kids start learning things in mother's womb. They don't need a structural education to learn, it is already systematically structured by nature. You just have to make sure they are healthy , happy and safe.

    My son is 4 years old and I try to never force him to learn what he dosen't like to learn. His preschool is running online , 2 days a week that to for only half hour. Ofcourse , I feel the pressure when his age kids are learning to write letters and number already and he is not able to identify alphabets but the pressure should be handled by me not by my kid.
    I let him play rather then forcing him to do the homework or learn to write. I can see that he is physically and mentally well developed. We should remember how we used to feel when we were kids and forced to study rather then playing.
    I think this compitative nature of society should not effect childhood and their natural learning process.

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    In our times, there was no nursery and no kindergarden and we had to take admission in class I, when we attained an age of 5 or 6 years. After that also we were not serous for our studies as syllabus of class I was too skeleton at that time and we did not have any pressure of learning. Today the whole scenario is changes totally and we have nursery, KG1, KG2 etc before kid can think of joint class I. This appears to be too taxing for the kids but seeing the scientific and technological advancements, we have to honour this pursuit of learning from such an early age.
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