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    Being logical is good but being judgemental is not

    Do you views things openly and with a clear, rational mind? Or do you approach things in a gullible manner and make quick judgemental decisions? The importance of dealing with things in a logical manner is important.

    We are programmed in such a way through our upbringing and education that we start to judge and jump to conclusions very quickly. Our education transforms our mind to always look for logic and reason for any activity or happening and arrive at a conclusion. Slowly such regular practice makes out mind habitual to reasoning and logic in everything we do and we start to ignore other aspects of looking at things other than just logic.

    For example, when we watch a movie which says that it based on true events, then such movie give us an impression that everything shown there is true. The way things are shown with some logic and reasoning, we solidify an opinion and believe in everything that is shown in the movie. We immediately form an opinion. As not everyone has the means to verify everything, so we believe the things we see.

    Being logical and rational is good but being judgemental is harmful in long run, as we get manipulated very easily based on the things we are shown.
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    Logical thinking is always good. When we have a problem we should think about the problem logically and should arrive at a decision to attack the issue. But we should not judge anybody. We don't know why he /she behaved in a particular way. He/ She will have his/her own reasoning and logic for his action. As an outsider, we don't understand the issue completely. This is how we should think and leave the issue to him. If you feel you can suggest to him some course of action. But you should leave the decision to him/her. You have no right to say he is right or wrong.
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    Most the people are judgemental for believing in hearsays and false propaganda. They don't like the logical conclusion or rational assessment. This trend is rampant at large. In some quarters of society, logical and rational thinkers are intimidated and harassed. You can see several bevies of closed-mindset-people programmed within a moulded framework loafing around on and offline. Being them closed-mindset is subject to their ingrained peculiar bigotry and discombobulate outlook. Logic and rationale are great traits of honest and outspoken people. They don't care about being discarded. Their integrity is the essence of their character. They never jump upon conclusion irrationally or illogically.

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