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    When one person doesn't performs his duty, many suffer.

    Failure on part of one person to evade performance of his duty or not make effort causes huge losses to many in general and has cascading effect.

    This is in reference to a phishing scams that are now a new normal in our daily life. Many people get calls from imposters who claim to be bank employee, etc and convince people to share their card or bank details and whisk away huge sum of money in a matter of few minutes. This I have known for over 2 years and even two of my known person have been a victim of such phishing scams. Both of the together lost around Rs. 60000. Now, both of them complained to the police also but nothing happened as police did not even file FIR. A simple non cognizable complaint was lodged with no further action on the same.

    Something similar happened to daughter of Delhi CM and within few days the culprits were also caught. But, for public in general there is no respite. Police know that most of the scammers are from a small town in Jamtara, Jharkhand and Mewat, Harayana but still they do not act on complaints received.

    This apathy on the end of police not only causes huge financial losses to people but also a mental harrassment when the law protector does not act on the complaints received. They shy away from performing their duty and we become the ultimate sufferer.

    More money is spent on educating people how not to fall prey to such scams but if the law and police do their task properly then no such things will ever happen. If they catch the culprits at the first instance of complaints, there will be no further crimes like these.

    People who honestly pay taxes are bombarded with tax notices but those who are cheating everyone gets away without a scratch.
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    This is true that in a service industry or the manufacturing company, the persons at key positions need to work in tandem and they should complete their task so that the chain should not suffer from want of their connectivity and work. Many a time there is dispute between the upper and down the line that the connected works are not getting over and thus the series of works get suffered. Normally there is tiff between the works and the adminstration as the coordination lacks due to some egoistic problems between the two divisions and therefore the works get stagnated and wont move further.
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    This just shows our inter depending. One day I went to my bank in the opening hours. I was asked to stand in a queue at one counter where the counter person yet to come. I was standing as third person. The first person was shouting as he has to go to office after his transaction in the bank. After 15 minutes the counter person came with sweating. person again start shouting at him. The counter person told he went to the nearby school for paying fees for his son and as their counter person did not come he returned without paying. The first person in the queue suddenly lowered his voice and told him that he was the school counter person. But he asked the details and amount and assured the bank person that he would pay the fees after this bank transaction, everybody laughed.
    Similarly we everybody linked each other.r without any reason.

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    A real problem faced by many of us. We will not have influence and hence police may not respond to us properly. So we have to suffer a lot. We can't blame anybody. If the same problem comes to an influential person he can manage the things and get the justice done to him.
    My son transferred some amount wrongly to a different person's account. We have contacted the bank and gave a letter. Luckily my old friend was retired from that bank after working in a senior position. So I requested him for help. He talked to somebody and managed to get back the amount in 3 or 4 days time.

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    These online fraudulent have cheated many gullible people. I know some of them who are asked to give details of the bank account and gave all details and they lost their money, Now after a series of complaints to banks. Banks have taken precautionary measures to protect their customers from being cheated. Once I received a message on the phone, the email address was also given in it. I was informed that I had been selected as a representative of an NGO approved by UN and I would be given approximately Rs 20 crore for the upliftment of the poor and downtrodden. I was asked to give my bank account details in an attached format of a bank of Saudi Arabia. I replied to him by email and asked them their address as their phone number was not displayed on the mobile screen while receiving the message. They did not reply to email afterwards. Such incidents often happen. These fraudulent have eaten thousands of rupees from bank accounts of innocent people.

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    Every person is important in the workplace or the existing system. Even a single link in the chain is as important as the other link. So, a mistake by someone can be disastrous for the whole system. Unfortunate part is that others suffer because of the mistake done by that black sheep. There are some departments which are crucial in their nature and it is expected that they would not do anything which can create harm for the public or gullible people. Police, Judiciary, Army and many others are example of this where we cannot afford errors and misjudgement.
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