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    Patients and associate persons are requested not to do this

    Many people nowadays as a patient or an associate to a patient act by thinking that they are over smart. Before going to a doctor, they refer to the internet about the disease and expect that the doctor should act accordingly. If not, they start worrying and come to a decision that the doctor is not right and try to shift to another doctor. If the patient is not doing so, the associated person/s do not like that and make the patient more confused. Even after consultation, they refer to details of the medicine on the internet about what the medicines are taken for, and by seeing the general side effects they panic or make the patient panic.
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    It is not the correct way. When we have to diagnose the problem we require a lot of understanding about the illness and medically we should understand the full details of the illness. But by reading on a computer by doing a google search if we can decide on the problem and the medicine, why should we go to the doctor.
    We have to go to the doctor and tell him the problems we are facing and then the doctor may decide what is the exact problem you are facing and suggest you the medicines. One should have confidence in the doctor. Otherwise, the medicines suggested by him may not work positively for us. Faith in the doctor will reduce the problem to 50%.
    There are many medicines for acidity problem. The same doctor suggests different medicines and different doses to different patients. That will be based on the necessity and the necessity will be known to the doctor only.

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    As indicated by the author, he is very correct when some persons related to the patients would search google for the exact medicine for the ailments with which a patient is suffering from. If the medicines prescribed by the doctor is not matching, these relatives or in sometimes the patients would loose confidence with the doctor they visited. Sometimes, they are in the habit of questioning the doctor why the medicine searched by Google has not been prescribed causing annoyance to the consulting doctor.
    The relatives of the patients lack the confidence with the doctor. Even they are not aware of the fact the doses and medicines prescribed by the doctors takes every thing into account such as his age, present health condition, gender and suitability of the medicine in his case. Hence it is always better to believe the doctor diagnosing the concerned patient.

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    I agree with the author that there are many people of this sort around us, especially, who have shallow knowledge and overconfidence. I think it's the singularity of the people who resorts to consulting google after consulting a doctor. Having consulted a doctor consulting google to check to diagnose or prescription means that they are sceptical about credence and credentials of a doctor? This whimsicality of some people sometimes appears to be a worthless activity.
    I think if someone who trusts AI, a machine than a doctor, a human then he should go to Dr google instead of consulting a doctor.
    I know several doctors personally, who have vast experience. Some of them can tell details of disease by touching veins of the wrist or face expression without any medical report.
    I think people should trust a doctor if they consult him. Creating any doubt about a doctor in heart doesn't benefit the patient. If they are not satisfied to his treatment other doctors may be consulted.

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    The importance of a qualified doctor cannot be underestimated. A doctor will interrogate the patient and get some information from him and then finalise a diagnosis. Based on the details obtained, the doctor will select a particular medicines from the large list of medicines and that is the expertise a doctor has. Even after that sometimes the drug is not effective and the doctor will change it to try more close drug. When this is happening with doctors, where do we stand? It is unethical and a dangerous practice to give drugs based on information retrieved form internet because if some reaction happens then there should be some pharmacist or doctor who have to give the medicine to compensate that.
    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    It is the fact that many patients who are confronted with diseases does not want to get into conclusion with first doctor consultant and they would refer to other doctor or consult the internet online doctor. One thing we are failing to understand that the doctors are in varied type as hey specialist in particular subject, some doctors are specialized in surgical side, Some doctors are specialized in general medicines and some are in internal medicines. Over and above the family doctors also play important role to arrive at a conclusion. There are some people who are keening the file of all the prescriptions and try to self medicate when the disease occurs. That is very bad practice as the disease can be cured with new and improved medicines and the chemists should not give the medicines through old prescriptions.
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